PMT: Surprise! Surprise!

PMT: Surprise! Surprise!

27892 (I) OCdt Jonas Cancino   8 Squadron

On Wednesday, October 12, the entire Cadet Wing of RMC went into routine Personal Military Training (PMT) not knowing what to expect. Lo and behold, a turnout no one expected, the entire population of RMC was subject to a urine drug test.

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According to the brief presentation by the Commandant before the testing, the purpose of it all was to collect statistics regarding substance use at RMC. Nobody was exempt from the event; all military personnel, staff and student alike, had to give a sample.

The data collected during the tests was completely anonymous, with the results not being traceable to any particular person. However, all cadets had to be taken account for, and they were all checked off individually by their seniors to ensure nobody tried to avoid it.

Urine samples had to be at least 60mL. As a result, many cadets were stuck redoing their tests after long bouts of drinking water in order to meet the required amount. Fortunately enough, many squadrons were able to finish the testing within an hour.

In terms of the procedure of the event, all male cadets were instructed to go back to their residences and line up by the washrooms. Females were all ordered to go to the new gym, regardless of which squadron they belonged to. At their respective places, each cadet was given a bag, a sample jar, and a statistics sheet that asked for general information. One by one, they went into the washrooms, filled up their samples, and if acceptable, were able to go about the rest of PMT on academic time.

Overall, it truly was a unique event for everyone at the college.