I yrs: drill


II:Currie hall


III: no pmt


IV: New Gym

PMT this past Wednesday put an important focus on things to come for the OCdts and NCdts of the Royal Military College of Canada. For the 1st and 3rd years, they shared a drill session on the parade square, now that the weather has warmed a bit and the ice has melted. With classes coming to an end soon, grad parade practices are just around the corner and this was an excellent opportunity for the 1st and 3rd years to brush up on some drill beforehand.

The 2nd year class had a much different lesson on the agenda. They engaged in small party discussions to look at ethical situations and decisions made in case studies. Being ethically and morally correct is crucial for any member of the CF, but officers must become a SME in this field as they are the ones who will be making the finally decision. The lesson was a good eye opener and gave the 2nd year class a taste of what they can expect from their ethics class which is taken in 4th year.

The 4th years received another PMT that reminded them that graduation date is approaching. Along with the commission they will receive on this day, they will also inherit a world of responsibilities. Their first brief by the RMC Foundation reminded them that there is a vast network of people and resources available to the graduates after they leave RMC. This was a comforting reminder that we will not be on our own after RMC as well as after our career in the CF.

The second brief was on the topic of Vetern’s Affairs and how injuries can affect your career as well as your life outside the CF. The brief reinforced the points to always document injuries occurring at, work, regardless of how small you may think they are, as things can snowball in a hurry. As officers, it is important to be diligent with this paper work as it is our job to ensure that the Men and Women who work for us are taken care of and are not left in an unfortunate situation down the road.

PMT photos by

Acting Sub-Lieutenant Luke Brannigan – More Here