Professional Development – 101

Professional Development – 101

Article by: 27830 OCdt (III) Cameron Moors – 5 Sqn

The other weekend, the Officer Cadets of the Royal Military College participated in a series of introductory briefings for the coming Winter Semester.

On Saturday, the Officer Cadets participated in briefings on values in the CAF and on their own mental health, including briefings on alcohol and substance abuse, diversity in the CAF, mental rest, and safe dating. These briefings ensure that the young Officer Cadets adopt the values and practices of the CAF to stay at the top of their game physically, mentally, and personally. Following these briefs, the bar positions met with their leadership mentors at the RMC mess as a meet-and-greet.

This was intended to give the Cadet leaders a chance to introduce themselves to the Officers and NCO’s that would be guiding them in their leadership roles at the College.

John Dunn

This was reinforced by the bar positions receiving training specific to their leadership roles the following day, with a briefing from guest lecturer John Dunn, PhD. Dr. Dunn came to the Military College from the University of Alberta to lecture the Officer Cadets on different values of leadership, using examples such as the United States Navy SEALS, the New England Patriots, and the British Lions rugby team.

This was followed in the afternoon by a briefing from the College leadership, including BGen. Bouchard, the Commandant of the Royal Military College, and Colonel Ayotte, the Director of Cadets.

These briefings gave the Cadet leadership a view on the intent of their CO, and a chance to ask questions regarding rules and regulations at the College. Finally, the Cadet Wing Commander, NCdt Gavin Omand, presented his perspective on the semester, and what he was looking for from the Cadet wing in the coming semester, with an emphasis on face-to-face meetings and the development of school spirit.



Another perspective on the weekend…

Article by: 28339 OCdt (I) Caleb Levac

Saturday, 13 Jan, Officer / Naval Cadets of RMC participated in a series of briefings and workshops to teach us how to be safe in everyday situations and how to respect the differences between people. These briefings included Safe Dating and Consent, Ethics and Religious Diversity, Drug and Alcohol Awareness, and the Mental Continuum.

We started our evening off with a quite comedic and engaging presentation on safe dating and consent taught by Warrant Officer Charles Ansell and Sharon Miklas – Research Associate at RMC.

In this presentation we were taught to be careful about online dating, how to identify and assist in preventing abusive relationships, and to always have an exit plan in case things go south. This was quite an interesting presentation as we got to hear the warrant’s stories and jokes about how to be keep both parties safe in these situations whether it’s for you or a friend.

Following this presentation we had a talk with Padre Carter about diversity and a look at his story within the Canadian Armed Forces. This talk with a man who has experienced discrimination and racism first hand in the past really gave everyone a good look at how not to act and how important it is to be respectful of others no matter their race, origin, religion, or culture.

Being both university students and military, the next workshop was hopefully quite useful to many people. This was of course a talk about alcohol use. In this time, we used anonymous clickers to answer a handful of questions about our alcohol use at the college and some statistics about alcohol and drug use in Canada and the Armed Forces. These statistics of our peers and our country gave us a solid look at what’s going on around us. After these quizzes we were taught the dangers of drug use and how to drink responsibly.

To conclude our briefings, we had a discussion about stress and how to mitigate it during our studies and everyday life. We were introduced to #BellLetsTalk, given information on it, and how we can contribute to the cause by using the hashtag on January 31st. To finish off our session we had a 15 minutes relaxation period to calm everyone down and end our day.

Overall, the day provided us with many tools that will help us to be successful with our studies and reintroduced us to many that we already knew but may have forgotten. I would like to thank everyone who gave their time to teach us and help us learn new skills and hope they help many of us in our daily lives moving forward!