Project to Prevent Falls in Veterans


Veteran Affairs Canada and Health Canada are collaborating on a joint initiative to invest in a community-based falls prevention pilot program. The three regions involved in the initiative are: Atlantic Canada; Ontario; and British Columbia/Yukon.

Falling is a common occurrence in populations of older persons. About one-third of seniors
over the age of 65 will fall in a year. About 13% of those who fall will suffer serious injury, with about 2% having a hip fracture. The goals of the Project to Prevent Falls in Veterans are: To reduce the number of Canadian veterans and their spouses/caregivers, who fall; and To reduce the number of injuries, particularly severe injuries, among those who do fall. Your chance of falling can be reduced by identifying and changing your risk factors for falling. Research shows that exercise programs can reduce the risk of falling by strengthening leg muscles and increasing flexibility. Exercise, Vitamin D, and calcium increase bone strength, reducing injury. While they are effective, programs to reduce falls risk and strengthen muscles and bones take time. Hip protectors can reduce the chance of hip fracture. For more information , please contact the Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging at (866) 661-1633 or visit Here