Proud Principal Has Lots To Say About Two Faculty Members

Proud Principal Has Lots To Say About Two Faculty Members


Dr. H.J. (Harry) Kowal is one proud Royal Military College of Canada, Principal these days.

The retired Brigadier-General, who served over 33 years in the Canadian Armed Forces was appointed, by the Minister of National Defence on 1 August 2013.

So, what is the reason for his big smile and the pumped out chest?

First: It has been officially announced that Dr. Pierre Jolicoeur a professor of Political Science since 2007 has obtained a prestigious Fulbright research grant for Academic year 2016-17.

The upbeat Dr. Kowal had this to say.

“I am very pleased to see Dr Jolicoeur recognized with this prestigious recognition and I am equally proud of all the great work and contributions he has made to the College and the greater academic community.

The title of his research: Impact of Social Media on Radicalization Processes and ‘Home-Grown’ Terrorism in Canada and the United States.

About Fulbright:

Fulbright manages many programs. Dr. Jolicoeur will be filling the Canadian Visiting Research Chair – one of the most prestigious.

Fulbright Canada’s Website:


The other good news?

Dr. Philip J. Bates, Professor, Vice-Principal Academic has been appointed a member of the prestigious Ontario Universities Council on Quality Assurance. The ‘Quality Council’, was established in 2010 and is responsible for oversight of the Quality Assurance Framework processes for Ontario Universities.

The College, 13th Principal did not lack for words when discussing the high-profile appointment.

“I cannot begin to express how much I truly appreciate the privilege of working with Dr. Bates, a senior university leader of the highest calibre. This appointment speaks volumes to the impact he has made and the respect he has earned with the Council of Ontario Universities and reflects extremely well on RMC. “



Read the letter from the Ontario Universities – Council on Quality Assurance…