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  • Qu’est-ce qui se passe au CMR Saint-Jean / RMC Saint-Jean’s social science OCdts take part in a cultural visit in Quebec City

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Les élof séniors au Musée de la civilisation en compagnie du professeur d’éducation physique (PSP) Benoît Légaré, de l’enseignante de langue Krystel Boucher et de l’adjudant Forth.

Senior OCdts at the Musée des civilisation with PSP instructor Benoît Légaré, Second language teacher Krystel Boucher and Warrant Officer Forth.


Caption: OCdt Reilly Emmanuel (Centre) securing his gold medal after several hard fights at the Chong Lee taekwondo tournament on April 2nd with a 10-1 score in the final 10 seconds of the match.

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-An article by Naval Cadet Aidan Grant

On Saturday, April 2nd 2016, The Royal Military College Saint-Jean’s taekwondo team participated in their end of the year sparring competition at the Chong Lee taekwondo tournament in Montreal.

This tournament gave the officer cadets an opportunity to show off what they learned this year. Some of the officer cadets have had less than a year to prepare for this event, yet everyone performed spectacularly.

The Chong Lee tournament marks the third and final tournament for the 2015-2016 group of officer cadets at the Royal Military College Saint-Jean. Some members of the team will be moving on to partake in sports at RMC Kingston, while others will be returning next year to the taekwondo team as seniors.

Not only did the taekwondo team go out and do their best possible, but they also managed to win some medals! The team took home 6 gold medals, 7 silvers, and 5 bronze medals. The alphabetical order of the team members and the medals they received is as follows: Abdelhamed, Adam(Silver) Ahn, Thomas(Gold), Alcontara, Braulio(Gold), Chen, Xing Yu(Bronze), Choi, Hyun Jae(Silver), Couture, Dan(Silver), Davis, Jeff(Gold), Desgagné, Élisabeth(Silver), Emmanuel, Reilly(Gold), Frank, Tyler(Bronze), Fournier, Patrick(Bronze), Grant, Aidan(Bronze), Lagacé, Jacob(Silver), LeBlanc, James(Bronze), McGuinness, Kyla(Gold),Singh, Vishaal(Silver), Venne, Jacob(Silver), Wu, Quan Qing(Gold). All members of the team managed to take home a medal. The CMRSJ taekwondo team was the both the largest and most accomplished martial arts team at the tournament.

The team attended the tournament along with their well-known coach and former taekwondo and kickboxing practitioner Darrell Henegan. Henegan, born in 1961, had a very successful career in both kickboxing and taekwondo. He was a two-time kickboxing world champion, winning many medals. During his taekwondo career he won many awards in North American championships and won the 1981 World Taekwondo Games as the first North American to beat Koreans in a gold medal tier world championship match. He has been coaching at CMRSJ for many years, leading many officer cadets to success on the taekwondo scene. The team, when recounting the many sayings of Coach Henegan, selected the following quote as the most memorable of Coach Henegan “If you have time to block, you have time to kick!”- Suggested by OCdt Emmanuel.

The tournament was a great opportunity to demonstrate both the skills of the officer cadets, and their strength in the fitness pillar of the College. The fitness pillar is based on creating and maintaining in-shape future officers who have all attained a certain expected standard.


Caption: OCdt Élisabeth Desgagné (Left) and NCdt Xing Yu Chen (Right), receiving their medals after many challenging fights with worthy opponents at the Chong Lee taekwondo tournament on April 2nd.


Qu’est-ce qui se passe au CMR Saint-Jean

Élof Daphné Servant 27677

Les élof de sciences humaines du CMR Saint-Jean participent à une visite culturelle à Québec

Vendredi le 8 avril dernier, les élèves-officiers du Collège militaire royal de Saint-Jean se sont rendu à Québec afin de participer à une visite culturelle. Les élof seniors ont bénéficié d’un tour au Musée des Plaines d’Abraham, suivi d’une visite du Musée de la Civilisation. Pour les élof préparatoire et junior, ils débutèrent avec une visite de l’Assemblée Nationale, suivie de celle de la Citadelle de Québec. Après ces visites, les deux groupes ont profités de temps libre dans le Vieux Québec avant de souper à la Réserve Navale. Ce fut une activité enrichissante pour tous, qui permis aux élèves de sortir de l’enceinte du collège pour aller s’instruire ailleurs que sur les bancs d’école.


RMC Saint-Jean’s social science OCdts take part in a cultural visit in Quebec City

Last Friday, April 8th, officer-cadets of the Royal military college of Saint-Jean went to Quebec City to take part in a cultural visit. The senior ocdts took pleasure in visiting the Plains of Abraham Museum, before going to the Civilisation’s Museum. At the same time, preparatory years and juniors went to visit the National Assembly before visiting Quebec’s Citadel. After those tours, both groups enjoyed free time in Old Quebec before walking to the Naval Reserve where they had dinner. That rewarding activity allowed students of the military college to learn outside of their standard classroom environment for a day.