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Tournoi d’échecs du Carnaval 2017

Meeting with GM Bator Sambuev

The 2017 Carnival Chess Tournament held from the 17th to the 19th of February in Quebec City. was a unique and impactful experience for myself and my two colleagues. The joy of participating against other chess enthusiast from all over Canada and seeing grandmasters play in person is unparalleled in the chess world. Throughout the tournament, our wit and patience were tested to the limits and every match was an exciting game filled with suspense and tension. Outside of the tournament, the three of us were also able to explore the Canadian francophone culture in its finest embodiment: Quebec City.  We were injected with the spirit of the Carnival and really grew to appreciate the French culture. The three officer cadets from CMRSJ including myself were given this wonderful opportunity by the Foundation of the Royal Military College of Canada. We are all very thankful to the Foundation for giving us this chance for cultural and educational enrichment outside of the classroom.

27949 NCdt (I) Yu Jie Wang – Richelieu Squadron

Deep Thinker

The opportunity to participate in the Tournoi d’échecs du Carnaval held on the 17th to the 19th of February was a deeply enriching experience. Thanks to the funding of the RMC foundation, I along with two other OCdts, were able to test our skills in chess against experts and enthusiasts from all over the region. I am grateful for the experience because of the many lessons I learned. After five different games, all of us were able to learn more about chess through interactions with our opponents, as well as many of the master level players who were present. Personally, I learned how to better judge critical positions that lead to hidden tactics, and the importance of preparing a reliable strategy beforehand. I improved my opening repertoire through analysis after each game, and interactions with high level players gave insight on the thought process of each decision they make. As a passionate chess player, being able to play the game live with other people rather than online elevated the stakes and helped to bring out the best of my abilities. I truly believe that I have improved over the course of the tournament and I am excited to seek out more opportunities to enhance my thinking abilities.

27867 OCdt. (I) Ji Won Lee Iberville Squadron