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“The guys didn’t want to settle for a co-championship,” Army hockey head coach Brian Riley said. “Our guys wanted to go out and win it outright. Sacred Heart plays physical, they play hard and they play tough for 60 minutes. That is what playoff hockey is all about, and it was great preparation for what we we’re going to face.”

Brian Riley – West Point Hockey Coach


“People were joking that I’m not bilingual, but I am bilingual,” he said with a smile, noting that he speaks Slavey fluently. “It’s just not the right kind of bilingual.”

Officer Cadet Taylor Fraser – Aboriginal Leadership Opportunity Year

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Rugby raising RMC profile on the Canadian sports scene!

Coach and two players selected for World University Championship.

“On an added note, what a breath of fresh air it is to meet such polite and courteous young men from RMC who were members of the rugby squad there that helped out all weekend long with the running of the conference. The cadets impressed me as I know they did the coaches attending the conference. That plus the great facilities at RMC has me thinking already where I might send my three-year-old come his university days…”

Al Charron – Former Captain Rugby National Team



  • Freill, G.G. 3624

    March 3, 2008 at 2:31 pm

    I have read with interest the comments from ex-Cadets serving in Afganistan and other comments like the one above. I go back to September 2002 at our 50th Year of Entry weekend celebration at the college. One ex-cadet that was not celebrating that weekend was 3666 FAW “Ted” White. This brave ex-Banshee fighter pilot was flabergasted and
    furious when he heard that RMC had dropped Rugby. The reason given by the then officer in charge of Athletics, with the Commandant’s concurrence, was that Rugby was considered too rough for the Gentlemen Cadets to play. Those recent graduates will be glad to know that Ted, instead of celebrating with his classmates, spent the whole weekend getting hundreds of ex-cadets to sign a petition to bring Rugby back to RMC. Ted may not have be the sole reason that someone smartened up and reintroduced the sport to the college. Reading the comments from recent ex-Rugby players, some now decorated officers from Afganistan will surely have pleased Ted immensely. They claimed that playing Rugby helped make them the leaders they became when the bullets started flying and retreating wasn’t the answer.

  • John Kinross Kennedy

    January 1, 2009 at 3:00 pm

    Sportsmanship. Don’t hear that word much. It has to do with character. One gets great character training, straining in the scrum and draining a glass of chandy with the opposition afterward.

    J.K. Kennedy Cdr (P) Ret’d
    Former President, Nova Scotia Rugby Football Union
    Co founder, Canadian Rugby Union
    Captain, Royal Naval Staff College Rugby Team

  • 8092 Ken Benoit

    January 14, 2009 at 11:57 am

    My congradulations to Ted White and the others who worked to get rugby back in the program. What a ballless decision it was to take it out…too rough for 20 year old men! You must be kidding! I have fond memories of crashing into opponents at full speed with no padding and loving every minute of it.

    8092 KM (Herc) Benoit
    RMC rigby Team 68/69