Morale Building Quote from Admiral Percy Nelles (spoken,  October 21, 1942 at the opening of Royal Canadian Naval College – eventually became known as Royal Roads Military College)

“While you are here, work hard and play hard, and make yourselves tougher than any enemy you will ever meet.”

Percy Walker Nelles, CB (7 January 1892–13 July 1951) was a flag officer in the Royal Canadian Navy and the Chief of the Naval Staff from 1934 to 1944. He oversaw the massive wartime expansion of the RCN and the transformation of Canada into a major player in the Battle of the Atlantic. During his tenure U-boats raided the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canadian Northwest Atlantic command was created, and the RCN was providing up to 40% of all escort forces in the North Atlantic. His handling of the RCN’s war effort had its opponents however, and he was removed from his post as Chief of the Naval Staff in January 1944. He was sent to London as Overseas Naval Attaché, coordinating the RCN operations for Operation Overlord. He retired in January 1945 as a full Admiral

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