Ramblings from an Old Brigade member and very proud dad…

Ramblings from a member of the Old Brigade and very proud dad…

Name withheld to protect the guilty…

As I write this I’m in our den working on my iPad, ……………….  oops!  No, Jane’s iPad.  My photos are on my Toshiba Microsoft laptop up in my garage apartment office behind the house.

After Jane died last February I looked at her iPad sitting on the den coffee table and said to myself, “Do I dare?”   You see, for years as an “Anti Apple” person I had been giving Jane a bit of a hard time over her devotion to her Apple iPad and her Apple MacBook, while I remained true to Microsoft.

I was heard inferring the Steve Jobs was “the other man” in her life.   I had tried an Apple iPad some time ago, and by accident I “wiped it clean”, and when I attempted to re-boot then for the first time in its life with me it demanded a password unknown to my ageing brain.  On appealing to Apple for help I was told they would only provide the necessary magic formula on receipt of my proof of purchase in the form of the purchase receipt.  Since the iPad had been a business gift and of course came to me without a receipt, I was stymied.  Into the trash bin went my iPad together with a vow never to use an Apple product in future.

So after Jane died and her iPad lay on the coffee table unused, one day our doctor daughter while  visiting, (and who is not only a doctor but also a computer genius who seems able to make computers do quite unbelievable things), on seeing Jane’s iPad and knowing my iPad tale, said I was being ridiculous in my attitude, and she proceeded to quickly reconfigure Jane’s iPad to best suit me, erasing Jane’s stuff while asking me questions related to my computer use, and from time to time asking me to compose a suitable password for this or for that, always then demanding I write the password down on a password list so my previous Apple “defeat” would not be repeated.  Hence, I have now become an iPad user.

Worse still for me, this same daughter then proceeded to drag me into town to a cell phone store where she forced me to purchase an Apple iPhone!   Can you imagine?  I had long ago abandoned the use of a cell phone.   But if that wasn’t sufficient punishment for my anti-Apple attitude, once back at home she proceeded to do two things!  First, she set up a software interconnection between the new iPhone and the iPad, and then she set up my appointment calendar on the iPad and did things so every entry on the iPad calendar also went into the iPhone calendar. True magic!   But rest assured, my main computer tool continues to be a .   Steve Jobs has not yet succeeded in capturing my entire computer soul.

But daughter had a final blow planned for my anti-cell phone attitude. (I did have a cell phone for many years, beginning with a “transportable” unit in my car in the early 1980s.)   Once all software configuration work was done, off daughter went back into town and soon returned with a leather case for the iPhone, which she instructed was to be clipped to my belt, with the phone in the case at all times, except when I am in bed.  This she said was a necessary safety measure in view of my residence being out in the country well removed from helpful neighbours.

My recent “daughter experiences” has caused me to feel that those chaps who have sons but no daughters sadly lack a very strong and worthwhile family force.  I offer the following as a brief example.

Following Jane’s February death, it was decided that since she had chosen cremation for her remains her funeral could be delayed until June, when our seven grandchildren would all be free from education commitments and so could more easily attend.  Hence funeral planning commenced.   I was told that if I would permit, then the daughters would organize everything, and I agreed.  A large funeral attendance was expected in view of Jane’s efforts in life on behalf of Canada’s end of life hospice work, for which our government had “bemedaled” Jane.  Indeed, just under 200 attended her June funeral, and from as far away as the Pacific coast.

So, to my surprise our three daughters set up a “command system”, and interconnected their three computers, one in Toronto, one in Philadelphia, and one in Florida.  As each learned of someone planning to attend Jane’s funeral the persons name was added to the expected attendance list, and the entry automatically went into all three computers.   You see, in order to plan the funeral, but more particularly the reception at the local Yacht Club following the church funeral, they needed to know “numbers”.  And of course, over time the plans for funeral and reception were formulated on the three interconnected computers.  The end result was a perfect funeral and a very successful reception.  I later told a friend that General Eisenhower could have benefited from my daughters’ services when he was planning the Normandy Invasion.   Yes indeed!

So, I hope you have enjoyed my computer “ramblings”.  Obviously, I enjoy writing these stories from time to time, hoping to amuse.

The very proud dad