Reading Week: Ho Hum for some; much more for others

Reading Week has come. Reading Week has gone.

A few of our regular contributors took the time to share their experiences over the past seven days.

For that we are most appreciative.

Bill & Rolande

Liam and Emily

28568 OCdt (I) Liam Chambers was married to Emily Wood on Saturday, February 24th at Qualicum Beach, BC.  No details available, as yet but Liam is scheduled to be in Class on Monday.

28057 OCdt (II) Colin Bond shares his 2018 Reading Week experience

Colin Bond

Reading week can be an exciting time to get away from RMC, even if it is just for a week, where cadets can go and enjoy themselves. For myself, activities that I normally unable to do during the term can be done during the break period. Such activities include, meeting up with old high school friends, going to a spa, or even going to the range to shoot some gun.

Sometimes, a little break is needed during the school year, and by heading back to my home in Ottawa, I am able to do things that I normally cannot do during just a weekend. Meeting up with old high school friends is one of these activities, since it can take some time to catch up. Also, while hanging out with friends, it is also fun to head out and play some games, such as mini putting. Hanging out and relaxing with friends is one of the better parts of my break.

Another benefit to the break is being able to just relax from the daily commotion at RMC. Spas are a great way to just relax from the stressors at RMC since you can just forget about your worries.

The spa I went to was the Nordik spa in Gatineau Quebec, where you run through cycles of hot and cold water to relax the muscles. The spa offers a nice quiet place to unwind after a busy half semester.

Finally, going to the shooting range is also a fun event during the reading week because I have my guns at my house. It is fun to go out with dad and his friends, and just doing some target shooting. Not only is it fun to shoot at targets, to see how accurate you are, but it is fun to spend time with friends and family over a fun and enjoyable hobby.

Overall, I had an amazing reading week, with some studying thrown in the mix, but it offered myself some fun opportunities to hang out with friends and family. It also is nice to spend some time at my house and away from my studies.


P.R. Cardona

Pretty low-key for 27832 OCdt (III) Pablo Cardona

Right before reading week began, I had four of my wisdom teeth removed. So, I spent most of the week recovering from the procedure and taking good care of my oral hygiene. Aside from that, I had the chance to catch up on homework and spend time at home with my family.


27472 OCdt (IV) Eliza Bruce writes about her week away – Ottawa to Mexico

Eliza Bruce

I feel some misgivings describing my reading week because it was so rewarding and afterwards relaxing!

After competing in a successful final Women’s Ontario University Athletic Fencing Championships, where our Paladin  fencers finished 3rd in the league after a very tough fight, I set off through the wilderness of airport lines, and immigration with the bittersweet emotions from finishing my last season of fencing with RMC, alongside excitement to be let loose to the tropical escape awaiting in Cancun, Mexico!

No delay or language barrier prevented me eventually reuniting with Abbigail Cowbrough at our resort in El Cid for our week of guilt free beach surfing and crocodile watching.

The typical day consisted of walking the pristine,  windswept beach with a backdrop of tangled palm trees, bush,  flowers and vines, getting caught by the waves and reading books in lounge chairs.

When we weren’t chilling in pools or jacuzzis, we were sampling the endless buffets of 5 star food and tropical refreshments.

We got to go on a free tour to Playa del Carma, had spa experiences, saw night shows, and watched the stars come out on hammocks by the beach.

Even though I almost missed by return flight due to a lost immigration form, it was a great way for the two of us to metaphorically toast to an RMC career almost at its end, and help us push through to it with a new perspective of motivation.