Reading Week: What is all the hype about?

This is Reading Week. Cadets, students, faculty, and staff are all doing a  mixture of things. Eight individuals were kind enough to share their plans with us. For that we are grateful.


14458 Dr. H.J. (Harry) Kowal, RMC Principal

“For me, this year’s Reading Week is just another week. I have a number of meetings scheduled and a lot of work to catch up on and I will be participating in the RMC Saint-Jean Board of Governors meeting in Saint-Jean. I know, pretty boring sounding stuff, but the reality is that this is what Principals do…and I would have it no other way.”


16025 Dr. Greg Phillips, Dept Head: Electrical And Computer Engineering Department

“For reading week I’m running away with Karen to enjoy the sun, warmth, mezcal and cochinita pibil in Mérida, Mexico.”


Dr. Irwin Streight – Associate Professor

“Writing and research—lots of reading—will fill my mornings during the aptly (?) named Reading Week.  Afternoons I’ve planned lunch and coffee dates with friends and my home-for-the-break twin daughters.


Dr. Erika Behrisch Elce –  Associate Dean of Arts (Program)

“I am writing a book on nineteenth-century Royal Navy science and exploration narratives, and am excited to have a block of time to work on it. I also have papers to mark, and will root through the college archives with our current artist-in-residence, Nancy Douglas. And I will miss my ENE110 class terribly!”


CWO Rob Keating – Training Wing Chief Warrant Officer

“I will be travelling to Mexico City with DCdts to cheer on our Military Skills Team (AKA “The Sandhurst Team”) compete in the Chimaltlalli 2018 competition! I’m extremely proud of these fit and dedicated officers-to-be!”


Warrant Officer Chuck Ansell – Drill Instructor and 7 Sqn WO.

“I will be spending the Reading Week at work, putting together the Drill plan for next year.”


27472 OCdt (IV) Eliza Bruce

“I plan to help fight and support with my team at Women’s OUA Fencing in Ottawa this first weekend of the break, after which I’m flying out to join a friend in Cancun to relax and celebrate the almost-end of our time at RMC!”


28057 OCdt (II) Colin Bond

“I will be heading back to my hometown of Ottawa to spend time with my family. I will also be skating on the Rideau Canal, as well as visiting a nodic spa. I’ll also be catching up on some work so that I will not be swamped when I go back to school.”


Reading Week: Not all fun & games for everyone


Bill and Rolande Oliver

The much anticipated ‘Reading Week’ is here.

It is safe to say that a very good portion of the Cadet Wing, faculty and staff have already left the peninsula for 101 different places around the globe.

This includes structured activities like the Battle Field Tour in Europe; and Mexico City where the, RMC Military Skills Team, will compete in the very physically demanding Chimaltlalli 2018 competition!

The majority of the others will likely will be doing fun things – like ‘chilling on a beach’; travelling to interesting places in Europe or elsewhere.  We picked-up a cadet on Friday afternoon who was walking towards the cadet parking lot; he had a back-pack and looked like he was in a hurry. Found out he was driving to Montreal to catch a flight for Greece.

There are a fair number of cadets that I’ve spoken to who are headed for Florida, Cuba, and other similar hot-spots. One second year we know is headed to Nashville, Tennessee to take in an NHL game and The Grand Ole Opry.

A first year we spoke with recently is returning home to British Columbia to get married. He and his new bride will be returning to Kingston at the end of the week.

We can be sure that some staff and students will reconnect with family and friends or simply relax.

Then there are others.

Reading Week is the time to focus on academics such as their thesis or on second language training in pursuit of that much needed BBB profile. Not really an ideal vacation for these students, but a change of pace that used wisely will prove very rewarding.

Reading Week can be summed up in the proverbial saying: different strokes for different folks.

Whatever your choice, relax to recharge your energy again, the home-stretch to the end of the school year is just around the corner.

For Rolande and me? We plan to be pluggin’ away on getting e-Veritas, Issue 8 ready for the weekend.