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‘Clear mandate’ for RMC’s new commandant; Promotion at RMC; New Commandant – New Staff Officer; & Sports

‘Clear mandate’ for RMC’s new commandant

18777  Sébastien Bouchard

Article by 25394 Steph Crosier/The Whig-Standard)


Caption: Pictured are some of the many RMC staff and civilian staffs that were on hand for the recent promoton to Warrant Officer for Charles Ingraham. (L-R) – Commandant – Brigadier-General Sébastien Bouchard; Director of Cadets – Colonel Chris Ayotte; Warrant Officer Charles Ingraham; Training Wing Chief Warrant Officer -Rob Keating; and College Chief Warrant Officer – Garth Hoegi.

Promotion at RMC

Article and photo by: Warrant Officer Chuck Ansell

Charles Ingraham, the 2 Sqn NCM, was promoted to the rank of Warrant Officer on 24 August during Unit Coffee at the SSM.

WO Ingraham began his career in 1987 as an Infanteer with the Royal Canadian Regiment. He spent time at CFB Baden-Soellingen, CFB Gagetown, BFC Valcartier, and CFLRS Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. WO Ingraham was deployed as part of Op SNOWGOOSE (UN Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus), Op CAVALIER (Bosnia-Herzegovina), and Op ALLIANCE (Bosnia-Herzegovina).

In 2001, WO Ingraham remustered to AVN Tech (Aviation Systems Technician) and after completing his training at CFB Borden, he was posted to 14 Air Maintenance Squadron at CFB Greenwood. From there, WO Ingraham was posted to 438 Tactical Helicopter Squadron at BFC St-Hubert and deployed as part of Task Force Afghanistan. In 2015, WO Ingraham was posted to 1 Wing Headquarters at CFB Kingston and then to his current positon at RMC in 2015.

WO Ingraham received the Canadian Forces Decoration, 2nd clasp in April 2017.


New Commandant – New Staff Officer

Article by WJO

Richard Rheaume

Captain Richard Rheaume was recently named as the new Staff Officer to the Commandant.

Richard is currently serving in the Royal Canadian Air Force as an Air Combat Systems Officer. He joined the Canadian Armed Forces as a Direct Entry Officer after completing a Commerce Degree at the University of Ottawa.

The Ottawa native was posted to RMC as 5 Squadron Commander last summer after completing approximately five years at 414 (Electronic Warfare Support) Squadron.

Through a lot of hard work, dedication combined with great teamwork, the Cadets of his Squadron performed exceptionally well over the past school year. Although he will not take any credit and down plays his personal role – 5 Squadron won the Commandant’s Cup.

“I am grateful for this opportunity that has been presented to me as the new Staff Officer to the Commandant and I am very fortunate to be joining an experienced and highly dedicated team within the Commandant’s Office.”

The well spoken and fit looking air force officer summed up his appointment.

“Perhaps the biggest challenge for me in my new position will be to find ways to directly support the Naval and Officer Cadets’ growth after leaving the Training Wing. I am once again looking forward to working with the military, retired military, civilian, and academic staff that facilitates the success of the Canadian Armed Forces future leaders at the Royal Military College.”


Photo by: OCdt Victoria Pierrot

The start of the varsity sports regular season kicks-off next weekend: 3 coaches ‘ready to go’.

(W) Soccer at home on Sat & Sun – 12 noon at Navy Bay – Nipissing (Sat) and Laurentian (Sun);

(M) Soccer at home on Sat & Sun –  2:15PM – at Navy Bay – Nipissing (Sat) and Laurentian (Sun);

(M) Rugby travels to Guelph – Sun – 3 Sep – 1PM start of game at the varsity pitch.


Paladin Athletes: Proud and Ready

Article coordinated by OCdt Eliza Bruce

Usually the first Officer Cadet boots on the ground, the RMC Varsity Teams arrived as early as August 14th for some to take the time afforded in summer leave period (for whoever was not on course) to train ahead of the start of the competitive season and gain an upper edge in athletic prowess. The following provides a few perspectives from some athletes about their respective high intensity, performance-driven training camps.


RMC Varsity Men’s Volleyball: OCdt Riley Terrif, 27871, (II)

“This past week, the Paladins’ varsity volleyball teams held their training camp, with the goal of preparing the teams for their upcoming preseasons and seasons.

The week consisted of a rigorous weight training plan and daily practices for both teams. They focused on returning explosive strength and technical skills that may have deteriorated during the various military courses that the athletes were on during the summer.

The combination of weight training and on-court practice time over the course of the week brought the teams’ performance back up towards the levels that will be expected during the season, and was greatly motivating for both teams.

In addition to practices and weight training, the teams developed leadership skills by coaching at the Paladins’ youth volleyball camp, where over 30 youth volleyball players of various ages and skill levels came to develop their skills.

The Paladins’ players planned and executed the camp’s coaching, and with nearly a two-to-one ratio of campers to varsity players, the Paladins were able to provide valuable personal coaching to the campers, resulting in a very successful camp that raised crucial funds for both volleyball teams.

The combination of weight training, on-court practices, and coaching youth volleyball players has placed the Paladins’ volleyball teams onto a great path to begin the preseason, and gave many of the players an introduction to coaching volleyball, which developed important leadership skills in an environment where they have expertise.”


RMC Varsity Men’s Soccer: OCdt Arman Afkham, 27221, (IV)

“Starting training camp this year was a bitter sweet feeling knowing it would be my last. I’m excited to work with the returning players as well as the first year recruits who have shaped up to be extremely competitive.

As the 4th year goalie, I have high expectations for the players and the team. Our head coach Vic, strength and conditioning Coach Randy, and all the other coaching staff have pushed all the players harder than any year previously. The drive shown by the players have resulted in a high level of play and fitness and we’re all excited to start the season on a high note! #yeared”


RMC Varsity Fencing Teams: Liam Montgomery, 28110, (II)

“After not fencing for several months due to trades training or OJEs, the RMC Varsity Fencing high performance training camp allows the entire fencing team to start the year off on the right foot.

We can really only get better from here and having the ability to fence with experienced CISM athletes greatly enhances our ability to learn different styles of fencing.

With another busy school year ahead of us, we won’t have the time to put in 100% of our focus into fencing. This training camp has been a great way spend quality time on the piste where we can focus and improve our fencing style.

After seeing the work each athlete has put into this training camp, I have no doubt in saying that this year will be very successful for the RMC fencing team.”


Feature photo by: OCdt Allyssa Millie