Remembering and Honouring the Memory of 12157 Wayne ‘Booner’ Boone

Remembering and Honouring the Memory of 12157 Wayne ‘Booner’ Boone

The Dr. Wayne Boone Memorial Scholarship 

Dear friends,

We are writing to ask for your donation to a newly established student scholarship at Carleton University in the name of our beloved friend Wayne Boone (12157, RMC class of 1979).  You may recall Wayne’s untimely passing last year.  Wayne was a classmate – and roommate in rook term! –  (Peter) and academic colleague (Jeffrey).

Wayne left a towering legacy on our national security landscape.  Not content after a successful career in the Canadian Forces with being a highly-sought-after consultant, he obtained his doctoral degree and then created a unique program, the Master of Arts in Infrastructure Protection and International Security at Carleton University.  Its graduates are widely regarded in government and policy circles for their leadership and commitment to making Canada a more secure country.

A number of Wayne’s family and friends have joined to create the Dr. Wayne Boone Memorial Scholarship.  The aim of the scholarship – at Canada’s only university that offers a program in asset-infrastructure security – is straightforward.  It is to ensure promising students can pursue careers as future leaders in a profession important to Canadian society.  Of course, we think the scholarship also honours the achievements of a remarkable man, one who put his country first.

We invite you to consider a donation at Carleton University’s FutureFunder website: Here

With thanks,

12149 Peter Avis, RMC 1979       16142 Jeffrey Smith, RRMC 1988