Recent & Upcoming Retirements:

10869 Captain (N) Richard Payne (CMR RMC ‘76) turned in his sea boots on 9 September 2008 after over 37 years of loyal service to HM the Queen, the CF, and the Canadian Navy.

10931 Commander Colin Darlington (RMC ’76) retired from the Regular Force after 36 years of loyal and dedicated service to Canada, the CF and the Navy in August 2008.

11159 Lieutenant Commander Richard (Rick)  Wall (RRMC RMC ’76) CD
MARE hung up his sea boots on 2 September 2008 after over 36 years of loyal service to HM the queen, the CF And the Canadian navy.

11997 LCol Dominique Jamet (CMR ’73) retired from the CF on 02 Sep 2008
after more than 35 years of dedicated and loyal service to the Canadian

12345 Colonel John  Turnbull (RRMC ’79) retired on 18 Aug 2008
after 33 years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Forces and
the Communications and Electronics Branch.

13103 Lieutenant Commander (ret`d) James (Jim)  Dziarski (RMC ’81)
retired on 5 September 2008, after 31 years of dedicated service to the Canadian Forces, the navy, and the MARE Branch.

13843 LCdr David Brenner (RMC ‘83) has decided to swallow the anchor after 29 years of dedicated and loyal service to Canada and the Canadian Navy. He retired from the Canadian Forces on 18 Aug 08.

14140 Lieutenant (N) Charles  Gendron (CMR ’84) retired from the CF on 05 Aug 08 after over 29 years of dedicated and loyal service.

15595 LCol Billy Allan (RRMC RMC ’86) retired from the CF after 26 years of distinguished service. His final day-in-uniform was 3 September.

19011 Lieutenant Commander Christian Hatch (RRMC ‘93) will secure
alongside after 19 years of loyal and dedicated service to Canada, and the Navy.

E4280 LCol Stephen (Steve) L Whiteley (RMC 2005) will be retiring from the CF after 30 years of dedicated and loyal service, including a flying career in which he has flown over 2800 hours in multi-role fighter aircraft.

Joining the CF at the ripe old age of 22 in December 1978, he received his pilot’s wings in 1981 and went to fly the CF-5 on 434 sqn. After 4 years of flying around north America and Northern Europe, and shooting up the ranges in Cold Lake, Nellis, Valcartier, Wainright, Gagetown and Shilo, he went to Ottawa to learn to speak Dutch.

In 1986, he was posted to the Netherlands where he flew the F-16 and vigourously pursued the adventures of Western Europe for three years. On returning to Canada, he was posted to 419 Sqn in Cold Lake to train new fighter pilots on the CF-5. While there, he become the Chief air combat instructor and a flight commander. Following that tour, he had his first ground tour in Fighter Group HQ, North Bay where he become SO TACS, coordinating the first operationally deployed CF pilot FACs and TACPs deploying to the former Yugoslavia.

On completion of staff college in Toronto, he became Chief of TACEval for the UK Royal Air Force and NATO HQ Air Northwest. In this job, he conducted evaluations of air units in the UK and across Western Europe. Next he was posted to Cold Lake as Commanding Officer 441 Tactical Fighter Squadron. During this tour, he deployed as Detachment Commander for the CF-18s in Aviano, Italy and in support of several NORAD deployments in the defence of North America. On completion of this tour, he become the Wing Operations Officer at 4 wing Cold Lake, leading the western Canadian response to 9/11 and overseeing the largest military air show in north America in 2004. On completion of this tour, he was posted to RMC Kingston to complete his baccalaureate degree and then on to the JHQ as the J6.

Just barely settled in the JHQ in September 2005, transformation sucked him up into its vortex, and earned him a DCDS Commendation for his work on the Common Operating Picture, commonly known as Command View. With CEFCOM since Jan 2006 as J5 liaison, he will be retiring in the fall of 2008 to pursue his interest in promoting more happiness in the world.

Steve, Lisa and the family intend on remaining in the Ottawa area after retirement. A retirement lunch to bid farewell to LCol Whiteley will be held on Wed 01 Oct 2008 in the Astra lounge at the Royal Canadian Air Force Officers’ Mess, Ottawa.


15037 Major Ron W. Smith (RMC ’85) will be taking his release from the CF on November 20 th after 27 years of loyal service. Ron’s distinguished career started when he joined the CF from Nova Scotia and entered RMC in 1981 where he graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering in 1985. After completing his classification training, Ron was posted to the Aurora Software Development Unit for his first engineering job. Ron then went on to get his M.Sc. in Systems Engineering with a Reliability specialization from the University of Arizona. After completing his M.Sc., Ron was posted to NDHQ in the Directorate of Aerospace Engineering where he worked on a wide variety of engineering projects. Ron was transferred to the Electronic Support and Training System project where he worked as an Electronic Warfare and Systems Engineer. In 1999 Ron became program manager for the Challenger Coherent Jamming System project. Soon after this, Ron was posted to RMC in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department as professor. Ron recently completed his PhD in computer security.

In his position as professor in the ECE department, Ron found his calling and as a result became one of the professors most sought after by the students. Ron was instrumental in the development of the software engineering program at RMC. His service to the Aerospace Engineering branch has been exemplary. Ron was the academic advisor for AERE Officer-Cadets as part of the Air Force Technical Champions Program and also advised on matters of systems and software engineering.

Ron will be retiring in the Kingston Area with his wife Sandra where he will certainly spend some time pursuing his two favourite pastimes, golfing and fishing. Ron intends on doing some research in computer security and real-time system design.

Ron will be honoured for his service at the Kingston Brewing Company on 21 November 2008. Please RSVP if you are planning to attend. RSVPs, messages, letters of congratulations and especially stories of an embarrassing nature may be sent to Maj Alain Beaulieu by e-mail at [email protected], DWAN email at Beaulieu Maj [email protected]@Kingston, or by regular mail at Royal Military College of Canada, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, PO Box 17000 Stn Forces, Kingston ON, K7K 7B4 or by fax at 613-544-8107.

15037 Le major Ron W. Smith (RMC ’85) prendra sa retraite des FC le 20 novembre après 27 années de loyaux services. Provenant de la Nouvelle Écosse, Ron a commencé sa carrière distinguée en 1981 à RMC où il a reçu un diplôme en génie électrique en 1985. Après avoir complété son entraînement de classification, Ron a été muté au Centre de Développement du Logiciel pour l’Aurora pour son premier tour en ingénierie. Ron alla ensuite à l’université de l’Arizona pour étudier en Ingénierie des Systèmes avec une spécialisation en fiabilité et a reçu une maîtrise en science. Après sa maîtrise, Ron fut muté au QGDN au Directorat de l’Ingénierie Aérospatial où il œuvra dans une variété de projets d’ingénierie. Ron fut muté par la suite dans le projet du Système de soutient et d’entrainement en guerre électronique (EST) où il travailla comme ingénieur en guerre électronique et ingénieur de systèmes. En 1999 Ron devenu le gérant de projet pour le système de brouillage cohérent du Challenger. Peu après, Ron fut muté à RMC dans le département du génie électrique et génie informatique en tant que professeur. Ron a récemment complété son doctorat en sécurité informatique.

C’est comme professeur dans le département du génie électrique et génie informatique que Ron a trouvé une vocation et de fait il est devenu un des professeurs les plus en demande par les étudiants. Ron a été instrumental dans le développement du programme de génie logiciel à RMC. Son service à la branche du génie aérospatial a été exemplaire. Ron a été le consultant pour les élèves-officiers en tant que membre du programme des champions techniques de l’aviation et a aussi aviser dans le domaine de l’ingénierie de systèmes et ingénierie logiciel.

Ron prendra sa retraite dans la région de Kingston avec son épouse Sandra où il participera dans ses passetemps favoris la pêche et le golf. Ron va aussi continuer sa recherche dans les domaines de la sécurité informatique et le design des systèmes en temps réel.

Ron sera honoré pour son service au Kingston Brewing Company le 21 novembre 2008. RSVP si vous planifiez assister à la cérémonie. RSVP, messages, lettres de félicitations et anecdotes peuvent être envoyés au Maj Alain Beaulieu par courriel [email protected] , par courriel DWAN, Beaulieu Maj [email protected]@Kingston par poste au Collège militaire royal du Canada, Département du génie électrique et génie informatique, CP17000, Succ Forces, Kingston ON, K7K 7B4 ou par fax à 613-544-107.