Retirements (3) / Retraites (3)

Retirements (3) / Retraites (3)


1. Le 07 septembre 2016, après 38 ans de loyaux et dévoués services à la nation, le lcol Sylvain Beauséjour prendra sa retraite des Forces armées canadiennes et du Royal 22e Régiment.

2. Sylvain a commencé sa carrière militaire en 1978 en tant qu’officier d’infanterie et étudia au Collège Militaire Royal de Saint-Jean jusqu’en 1983 où il fut promu au grade de bachelier en sciences informatiques. Il servit avec les trois bataillons du régiment ou il occupa maintes positions telles que commandant de peloton de fusiliers et antichar (1983-1986), officier des opérations (1991-1994), commandant de compagnie de fusiliers et d’appui tactique (1994-1996) et commandant adjoint de bataillon (2001-2004). Il a aussi servi comme officier d’échange ou il agit comme commandant du peloton de pionniers d’assaut et commandant adjoint de compagnie de fusiliers au 3e bataillon, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry à Victoria, CB (1986-1988).

3. Outre ses fonctions au seins du régiment, Sylvain servit comme officier d’état-major responsable du développement informatique au quartier général de la Force Mobile à Saint-Hubert (1987-1991) et il suivit le programme d’état-major technique de la force terrestre II à Kingston en 1997. Il a aussi servi au directorat des besoins en ressources terrestres à Ottawa (1998-2001) ou il était responsable de l’acquisition des armes allant du pistolet 9 mm au lance missile TOW. Il obtint sa maîtrise en science militaire appliquée du Collège militaire Royal en 2000.

4. Sylvain a effectué cinq opérations des NU ou de l’OTAN. Il servit à deux reprises à Chypre sur l’OP SNOWGOOSE en 1987 comme commandant adjoint de la compagnie de ville et comme officier des opérations et commandant de la compagnie de commandement en 1991. Il se déploya pour OP HARMONY en Croatie en 1993-1994 en qualité d’officier des opérations et commandant de la compagnie de commandement. En 2001-2002, il servit en Bosnie et Herzégovine sur l’OP PALLADIUM comme commandant adjoint du groupement tactique du 3e R22eR. Finalement, le Sylvain servit son dernier tour opérationnel comme commandant adjoint du groupe bataillon du 3e R22eR à Kaboul en Afghanistan sur l’OP ATHENA.

5. Sylvain sert présentement comme le premier promu du programme canadien à revenir comme directeur de groupe d’étude sur le programme d’état-major technique de l’Armée à Kingston. Lui et son épouse, Johanne, continuera de résider à Kingston, alors qu’il poursuit une carrière dans la fonction publique.

6. Ceux qui souhaitent offrir des messages de félicitations peut les envoyer à maj Roger Pierce à l’adresse email [email protected].


1. On 07 September 2016, after 38 years of loyal and dedicated service to Canada, LCol Sylvain Beauséjour will retire from the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and Royal 22e Régiment.

2. Sylvain began his military career in 1978 as an infantry officer and went to the Collège Militaire Royal de Saint-Jean until 1983 when he graduated with a Bachelor in Computer Sciences. He served with the three battalions of his regiment where he occupied various positions such as Rifle and Anti-Armor Platoon Commander (1983-1986), Operations Officer (1991-1994), Rifle and Combat Support Company Commander (1994-1996) and Deputy Commanding Officer (2001-2004). He also served as an exchange officer where he served as Assault Pioneer Platoon Commander and Second in Command of a Rifle Company with the 3rd Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry in Victoria, BC (1986-1988).

3. Outside of the regiment, Sylvain served as a staff officer in charge of software development in the Force Mobile Headquarters in St-Hubert (1987-1991) and he attended the Land Force Technical Staff Program II in Kingston. He also served in the Army Headquarter in the Directorate of Land Requirement in Ottawa (1998-2001) where he was responsible for weapons acquisitions ranging from the 9 mm pistol to the TOW antitank system. He obtained his Masters in Applied Military Science from the Royal Military College in 2000.

4. Sylvain did five UN and NATO operational tours. He went twice to Cyprus on OP SNOWGOOSE as the City Company Second in Command in 1987 and as the Operations Officer and Headquarters Company Commander in 1991. He deployed on OP HARMONY in Croatia in 1993-1994 as the Operations Officer and Headquarters Company Commander. In 2001-2002, he went to Bosnia and Herzegovina on OP PALLADIUM as Deputy Commander of the 3e R22eR Battle Group. Finally, Sylvain served his last tour in 2004 as the Deputy Commanding Officer of the 3e R22eR Battalion Group in Kabul, Afghanistan on OP ATHENA.

5. Sylvain is presently serving as the first graduate from the Canadian program to return as Directing Staff on the Army Technical Staff Officer program in Kingston. He and his wife, Johanne, will continue to reside in Kingston while he pursues a career in the Public Service.

6. Those wishing to offer congratulatory messages may send them to Maj Roger Pierce at email address [email protected].


Retirement – M0579 Capt Colin Currie, CD1 (RMC 1993)– aere – 00185

Capt Colin Currie will retire from the Canadian armed forces on 19 September 2016, after over 37 years of dedicated and loyal service. A native of sheet harbor, raised in Cole Harbor Nova Scotia, Capt Currie joined the Canadian forces in 1979 as a member of the Princess Louise Fusiliers in Halifax. He transferred to the regular forces in 1983 as a marine engineer technician (stoker). Under the marine engineering technician training program (mettp), from 1983 to 1985 he attended two years at St. Lawrence College in Cornwall Ontario followed by fleet school in Halifax, and received a diploma in mechnical and marine engineering. During the six years he served in the navy he set sail on the HMCS Preserver, Protecteur and reached the rank of PO2. In 1989 he was admitted into the UTPNCM program and successfully completed his bachelor in electrical engineering at the Royal Military College in Kinston Ontario, then completed his aere officer training, followed by a 4-year posting to 14 SES in Greenwood Nova Scotia at 14 SES. Capt Currie was a programmer/analyst and cell leader for the System Test Program (STP). In 1998 he returned to Kingston to complete his master degree in electrical engineering with a specialty in aircraft communications. Posted to Cold Lake Alberta in July 2000, he worked in AETE for 8 years as an instrumentation engineer and acting OIC daps. He was transferred to Halifax in 2008 where he worked as a liaison officer for ch149 WSM. In 2011 he was posted to his present position in DTAES 6 as an avionics system engineer supporting RCAF fleets.

Colin has been married to his dear spouse Cheryl for 32 years and he is the proud father of 3 daughters: Alisia 30, an environmental scientist and Katelyn 24, a dental assistant, both in Edmonton, and Ashley 29, an addiction counsellor in Cold Lake. Colin is leaving the service to occupy the position of surveillance of space system engineer in the directorate of strategic communications services as a public servant in Ottawa. A departure with dignity function was held on 26 august 2016 Anecdotes, stories, photos, congratulatory messages and best wishes for Colin and his family are much appreciated, and may be sent to Wo Tremblay via e mail at [email protected]


– E3180 Lieutenant-Colonel Andre Sevigny, CD2, (RMC 2003) R22R

Lieutenant-Colonel Andre Sevigny (r22r), after 37 plus years of dedicated and loyal service has announced that he will retire on 6 September 2016.

Since enrolling in the CAF in 1979 Andre has enjoyed a varied, challenging and fulfilling career. He can boast that he has served in all 3 (Reg F) BN of the Royal 22nd Regiment, except for a short period in early 2000 where he was special assistant to the Director General Strategic Planning (NDHQ), Andre seemingly preferred to serve abroad. Possessing diplomatic acumen and amazing self-discipline, Andre was well suited to his subsequent roles as GS Plans and training for the 9th (FRA) marine infantry division (Nantes), senior military advisor to the Canadian mission to the organization for security and cooperation in Europe (Vienna), CDA to Poland (Warsaw) and CDA to Central America (Mexico City). Perhaps anticlimactic, he was employed as OPS 0 and Deputy Director DMTC to retirement. A graduate of Canadian Forces Command and Staff School, and he is a recipient of a BA from Laval University and BMASC from RMC.

Without missing a beat, he will transition directly into a public service role as Deputy Director DMTC. Christine and Andre will continue to share pool maintenance responsibilities at their home in Orleans On.

Congratulatory messages may be sent to Major Christian Papineau at Christian.Papineau at