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14698 Major Roger JFR Chouinard CD1 (CMR RMC 1986) will retire from the Canadian Forces on 26 Sept 2008, with 28 years of loyal and dedicated service as an aerospace engineering officer. He joined in June 1980 and graduated from the Royal Military College of Canada with a bachelor of engineering (engineering and management). His military career has seen him stationed at Cold Lake, Borden, Tucson (Arizona) and Ottawa. He has been employed as a cf-188 maintenance officer at 410 sqn, a maintenance officer instructor at the Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Technology And Engineering (cfsate), an engineering specialist (r&m), a cf-188 technical services manager, a cf-188 business manager, and finally as a staff officer for the optimized weapon system management (owsm) program all within DGAEPM.

Roger is retiring from the Directorate Of Materiel Policy And Procedures (dmpp) where he was an ILS senior policy analyst. Training and educational opportunities during his career have included a Master Of Science degree in quality and reliability engineering from the University of Arizona and a Master Of Business Administration (mba) from the University of Ottawa. He is a Project Management Professional (pmp) and a professional engineer (p.eng). He also hold several certifications from the American Society For Quality (asq). He will retire in Gatineau with his spouse, Edith and two children, Marc-André and Sophie.

Congratulatory messages, anecdotes and best wishes may be forwarded to g. Corbett a/dmpp 5 by email at [email protected] nlt 25 feb 08. A retirement luncheon will be held on Monday, 25 February 08, starting at 11:30 at the Royal Canadian Air Force (rcaf) officers’ mess in Ottawa.

Those wishing to attend are requested to rsvp to g. Corbett.