L’année 2008 laissera une marque tangible sur nous tous / toutes avec l’ouverture du nouveau CMR Saint-Jean. Les activités d’inauguration du 23 et 24 mai (voir le lien suivant lancent une ère nouvelle pour l’institution et stimulent une recrudescence des activités des anciens/anciennes sur le site du Fort Saint-Jean.

Le rapprochement entre le Club des CMR et l’Association des Anciens du CMR Saint-Jean étant complété, un nouveau chapitre formé des ressources du chapitre de Montréal et de l’escadre Saint-Jean est ainsi créé. Un comité provisoire composé de 8765 Claude Tassé, Président, 9889 Robert Benn Vice-président, 12944 André Durand, Secrétaire exécutif et 9903 Pierre Cadotte Responsable des Activités a été mis en place.

9903 Pierre Cadotte prend le leadership de coordonner l’organisation des activités reliées à la fin de semaine des Anciens qui aura lieu le 19 et 20 septembre prochain. Il sera secondé par le comité provisoire du chapitre. La fin de semaine des Anciens est toutefois l’affaire de tous. Nous comptons donc sur l’aide et la coopération d’autres anciens et anciennes afin de s’impliquer dans l’organisation des activités suivantes :

• 19 septembre en journée: Partie de golf. Endroit AED selon l’organisateur et l’intérêt.

• 19 septembre, 16h00 : Assemblée générale du Chapitre au Vieux Mess du CMR Saint-Jean. Organisé par le comité provisoire.

• 19 septembre, 17h30 : DMCV.

• 20 septembre, 18h00 : Soirée hommage à H17090 Hélène Ladouceur. Après 35 années de loyaux services, Hélène tire sa révérence du secrétariat du Club des CMR. Elle restera toutefois impliquées au sein de la Fondation des Anciens du CMR Saint-Jean.
Les intéressés (es) à s’impliquer dans NOTRE fin de semaine annuelle de retrouvailles à Saint-Jean, sont priés/es de communiquer avec Pierre Cadotte via courriel à [email protected] .


RMC Reunion Weekend Schedule Here

In addition to the traditional Class Reunion functions on friday and saturday nights, there are a number of special events which Ex cadets should find interesting.

Obstacle Course – Friday afternoon

Approximately 265 first-year officer cadets will compete in the traditional obstacle course competition on Friday, October 3 from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m., at the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) in Kingston, Ontario. This tradition is a significant milestone for first-year officer cadets, as it represents a rite of passage for the new cadets and formalizes their acceptance into the Cadet Wing at RMC at the end of their First Year Orientation Period.

Approximately 2,500 family members, ex-cadets, current second, third and fourth-year cadets and spectators from across Canada are expected to attend this event, which for many Cadets is one of their most memorable moments at RMC. 13 Squadrons are participating in the obstacle course and they will start the competition simultaneously from 13 different obstacles.

The obstacle course, which develops perseverance and teamwork, will include the following 13 obstacles this year:
(1) Rope bridge;
(2) Lumberjack;
(3) Low crawl;
(4) Slippery slope;
(5) Jerry can;
(6) Water splash;
(7) Log sit up;
(8) Cargo net;
(9) Whaler boat;
(10) Scramble;
(11) Wall;
(12) Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Defence (NBCD); and
(13) Monkey bars.

RMC First-Year Officer Cadets Badging Parade – Saturday morning

Approximately 1,000 officer cadets will attend the traditional Badging Parade on Saturday, October 4, from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., on the Parade Square at the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) in Kingston, Ontario. Approximately 265 first-year officer cadets will receive their RMC insignia known as “cap badge”, from ex-cadets, members of the “Old Brigade”. During the parade, awards recognizing accomplishments in leadership, academics and athletics will also be presented to selected officer cadets from all academic years.

The Badging Parade is the official ceremony where officer cadets who have successfully completed the First Year Orientation Period are symbolically recognized as cadets of RMC by members of the “Old Brigade”, a group of ex-cadets who entered RMC 50 years ago, or more.

Family members, ex-cadets and spectators from across Canada are expected to attend this event. It is requested that everyone be seated no later than 10:15 a.m. Parking is available at the Kingston Military Community Sports Centre located across RMC and Highway 2 or in the main parking area in front of the Sawyer building. In case of inclement whether, the ceremony will be held in the Field House of the Kingston Military Community Sports Centre.


Ex Cadets / Cadets Sports Saturday Afternoon (Revised)

Men’s soccer vs. Queen’s University – RMC Inner Field – 1500hrs

Men’s volleyball alumni match – SAM Gym – 1330hrs (contact Steve Leknois at [email protected] to participate)

Men’s basketball alumni match – SAM Gym – 1330hrs (contact Scott James at [email protected] to participate)

Ex-Cadet hockey Scrimmage – Constantine Arena – 1400hrs (contact Adam Shell at [email protected] to participate)

Women’s soccer alumni match (Red and White Match) – Navy Bay 4 – 1500hrs (contact Chad Beaulieu at [email protected] to participate)

Men’s rugby alumni match – Navy Bay 5 – 1400hrs (contact Sean McDonaugh at [email protected] to participate)

Taekwondo Open House – KMCSC Martial Arts Room – 1400hrs (contact Joel Ridley at [email protected] for more info)

Fencing Open House – RMC Old Gym – 1400hrs (contact Patricia Howes at [email protected] for more info)

Women’s volleyball alumni match – SAM Gym – 1500hrs (contact Carolyn Welden at [email protected] to participate)

Women’s basketball alumni match – SAM Gym – 1500hrs (contact Brad Schur at [email protected] to participate)

From all accounts, the men’s volleyball, women’s volleyball, women’s soccer, rugby and men’s basketball alumni matches are all going ahead.

Fencing, taekwondo and hockey are all hosting some type of “open house” events.
The only one that is still up in the air is a “true” women’s basketball alumni match, but we are going to go ahead with a match similar to what women’s soccer do (we will get some of the more senior alumni men’s basketball players to play against the current women’s team).

Water Polo details are not available at this time.  However we believe it is still on!!

A post-game reception will be held at the Cadet Mess from 1600-1800hrs.

All are welcome


RMC Reunion Week-End Memorial Service at the Arch – Sunday morning

A memorial service to honour fallen comrades will be held at the Memorial Arch of the Royal Military College (RMC) of Canada on Sunday, October 5, at 11:00 a.m.

The ex-cadets, lead by members of the Old Brigade, will start from the parade square  and wind their way to Highway 2  into the Memorial Arch. On completion of the memorial service, the ex-cadets will then march to the RMC Parade Square while first-year officer cadets line the route and present arms to the RMC ex-cadets as they march by.

At the parade square the ex-cadets and Cadet Wing will witness the presentation of the Captain Nichola Goddard and Captain Matthew Dawe memorial swords.

The media, alumni, parents and friends are asked to be present no later than 10:50 a.m. at the Arch. Parking is available at the Kingston Military Community Sports Centre located across RMC and Highway 2 or in the main parking area in front of the Sawyer building and all are welcome to attend.

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