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RMC ’84 grad ring returned after being ‘lost’ for 30 years


RMC ’84 grad ring returned after being ‘lost’ for 30 years


14409 Michael (Mike) Craig graduated from the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) with a Bachelor of Computer Engineering degree in 1984 and started a Canadian Navy career as a Combat Systems Engineering Officer.

Following a Masters of Electrical Engineering also at RMC in 1992, Michael was posted to Ottawa, to serve at National Defence Headquarters at a major naval ship upgrade project. After ‘retiring’ from the Navy in 2001, he continued working as a public servant in information technology security.

Now, to the story of the lost ring with a happy ending…


Just over a year after graduation he lost his grad ring.

We contacted Mike through the ‘1984, Class Secretary, Steve Gable and asked him when did he first realize that he lost the ring?

“I first became aware that this ring was lost in the summer of 1985. I was moving from Victoria to Halifax that summer and stayed at the Wedgewood Motel while waiting for my moving van. I knew my ring was in its box and in a bag within another. It was only a few weeks later that I realized I had lost it.”

Considering that he was in the process of a major career move it is not surprising that this would not be high on his radar.

“I never connected that it possibly could have been that one night at the motel otherwise I would have contacted them. It was from then until last Fall that I had written it off as lost forever, exactly 30 years.”

Lieutenant Commander, Brian Owens who is currently a CAF, Public Affairs Officer gets involved when his aunt contacted him last October. His aunt Nancy, told him about her friend, Susan, who had in her possession a ‘lost’ ring.

Susan’s mother had been the manager of the Wedgewood Motel in Halifax back in the summer of 1985. When the ring was found and turned in by the chambermaid, the manager tried with no luck to find the owner. The ring was placed in the office safe for security purposes with the hope that it would be eventually claimed.

A few years went by and the ring was never claimed. On her retirement, the manager took the ring with her with the intent to find the owner.

Still no luck.

Susan picks up the story from here. “Mom again tried a series of attempts to find Mike, but to no avail. We all knew of the ring, but over time….forgot about it as well.”

She continues…

“When Mom died, we were going through her safety deposit box, and among her belongings and papers, was the ring!”

Years passed and the ‘ring’ was always somewhere in the back of her mind – to keep trying to locate its rightful owner.

Back to Lieutenant Commander, Brian Owens who does have connections to RMC – Uncle (’67), brother (’92) and cousin (’04?). His other connection? “I’m actually only in one picture in one yearbook at RMC – in the survivors’ picture of ’92!”

Once he got involved things began to happen and pretty fast.

“I found and reached out to Tim Patriquin as I saw that he was the secretary of the 1985 RMC Grad Class. Tim contacted his counterpart from RRMC class, Gene Fedderly, who indicated that he didn’t know the name but thought it was from the 1984 class at RMC. With this, Tim reached out to Steven Gable from the class of `84 who recognized the name and contacted his classmate Mike Craig.”

Susan picks up the story from here.

“The rest was exciting as we got to meet Mike on email, speak to him on the phone, return the ring to an extremely grateful guy, and see a picture of his ring, back on his hand where it belongs. It was THE happy ending to the 30 year mystery that our Mom would be so thrilled to see. Mike, may you enjoy your ring; wear it in great health and happiness.”

Tim Patriquin sums it up nicely. “A feel-good story and a good Samaritan all in one!”