The Royal Military College of Canada has done a superb job in the past honouring graduates and staff members for meritorious service to Canada via honorary degrees, the RMC Wall of Honour funded by the Class of 1963 and various other means.

The Athletics pillar represents one of the key elements of a CMC education and as such, the Class of 1970 believes that intercollegiate and/or lifetime achievement in athletics by Cadets, Ex-Cadet and staff members should be duly recognized at RMC by means of an Athletics Wall of Distinction (“AWOD”).  The AWOD would be a permanent display honouring former athletes, teams, and coaches/builders which would inspire current officer-cadets, via a visual and text-based display to increase their commitment to sports, training, health and well-being and more importantly instill their pride in being a member of the RMC sports family.


The project was conceived by the Class of 1970 in collaboration with the current Director of Athletics in 2014.  Funds were raised by the Class for its Old Brigade gift to the College in September, 2015 and the program was formally announced at the Reunion Weekend Legacy Dinner in September, 2015 and subsequently at the Varsity Sports Awards Ceremony just last month.

The AWOD will be located on the second floor walls of Yeo Hall on the second floor adjacent to the Commandant’s Meeting Room (old Trophy Room) and directly across from the entrance to the New Gym.  The display will be in two parts:  plaques honouring inductees to the AWOD will be located on the upper half of the wall along with an information plaque explaining the program; the lower half of the wall will be reserved for commemorative plaques.  The latter will be funded by RMC varsity teams that have distinguished themselves in Canadian Intercollegiate Sports (“CIS”) competition, as determined by criteria established by the AWOD Selection Committee, and who would like to honour their participation, performance and commitment to RMC Varsity Athletics via team photos from annual copies of The Review.  Profits from the sale of Commemorative Plaques will assist in funding the AWOD program ad infinitum.

All inductee and commemorative plaques will include QR codes affixed to their frames so that viewers can scan the code with hand held devices and access a digital history describing the accomplishments of the athlete, builder or team.  This same information will be made available to cadets and Ex-Cadets, their families and other interested parties on the RMC website in order to spread the word about this important aspect of CMC training and education.

Terms of Reference for the management of the AWOD program and for the selection process have been established. The Committee Chair now calls for volunteers to sit on the Selection Committee to be made up of former Directors of Athletics and Ex-Cadets representing various decades at RMC.

Once the Selection Committee is fully established, the program will be open to inaugural nominations during the summer of 2016.  Working as a subset of the Selection Committee, the Nominations Committee will assess the body of nominations put forth each year and recommend a nominations slate to the Selection Committee.  Voting will take place in the late fall/early winter of each year for inductions for the next calendar year.  Induction ceremonies will be held each year at the annual RMC Varsity Sports Awards Ceremony.  The first six inductees will represent those who contributed heavily to the RMC Athletics Program during the period 1876 through the first one hundred years of RMC’s history. Their plaques will be the centre piece of the AWOD display in Yeo Hall. Nominations will only be considered for those athletes, teams or builders ten (10) years after graduation or competition in the athletics program or following their involvement in RMC’s athletics program as a coach or administrator.


Anyone interested in assisting in the development and execution of the AWOD program by serving on the inaugural Selection Committee, is asked to write in confidence to the Committee Chair, Mr. Jim Simpson, RMC #8469 at [email protected] or to speak to him in person at 905-939-9229.  We are seeking volunteers who have a passion for sports and history, a good knowledge of RMC sports history and who would like to work with the Class of 1970 AWOD leadership team in honouring this aspect of their CMC life.  Term of service on the Selection Committee will normally span a three year period as per the RMC Foundation and RMC Club of Canada Executive Committee.