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Patron/Président d’honneur

H26223 His Excellency, the Right Honourable David Johnston, CC, CMM, COM, CD

Vice Patron/Vice-président d’honneur

H4860 General (Ret) John De Chastelain, OC, CH, CMM, CD, RMC

Honorary President/Président honoraire

H2951 General (Ret) Ramsey Withers, CMM, CD, RRMC/RMC

Honorary Solicitor/Conseiller juridique honoraire

H3356 Robin Cumine, QC, RMC

Honorary Chaplain/Aumônier honoraire

8457 Capt (Ret) Reverend Paul Robinson, MA, CD, RMC

Adjutant Emeritas – Old Brigade/Adjudant émérite, Vieille Brigade

H2612 BGen (Ret) Michael H.F. Webber, CD, RMC; and

H3918 Mr. Al Roberts, RMC

Executive Committee/Comité Exécutif



9889 LCol (Ret) Bob Benn, CD, CMR

[email protected]

Past President/ Président sortant

 M0058 LCol (Ret) Marc Drolet, CD, CMR

[email protected]

1st Vice President/1er Vice-Président

12059 Mr. Jacques J. Gagné, BA, CPP, LSM

[email protected]

2nd Vice President/2e Vice-Président

[email protected]


15946 LCdr (Ret) Jill Carleton, CD, RMC

Executive Director/Directeur exécutive intérimaire

14356 LCol (Ret) Michael A. Rostek, CD, Ph.D., CMR/RMC

[email protected]

Canadian Forces Liaison Officer/Officier de liaison des Forces canadiennes

14245 MGen Richard Foster, CD, CMR/RMC

[email protected]

Adjutant Old Brigade/ Adjudant de la Vieille Brigade

5611 LCdr (Ret) Gerry Stowe, CD, RRMC/RMC

[email protected]

Assistant Adjutant Old Brigade/Adjudant adjoint de la Vieille Brigade

6116 BGen (Ret) Claude Archambault, OMM, CD

[email protected]

Past President Foundation/Président sortant de la Fondation

7076 Lt(N) (Ret) John van Haastrecht, RRMC/RMC

Retiring Members

Members Retiring 2012

8120 Cdr (Ret) Bill Gard, CD, RRMC/RMC

10263 Capt (Ret) Don Lovell, CD, RRMC/RMC

Members Retiring in 2013

8828 Capt (Ret) Wayne Kendall, RMC

14559 Steve Gable, RMC

Members Retiring in 2014

9143 Capt (Ret) Bruce McAlpine, B.Eng., MBA, CPC, CMR/RMC

4459 Cmdre (Ret) Ed Murray, OMM, CD, RRMC/RMC

M0157 Col (Ret) Bryan Righetti, CD, RRMC/RMC

Members Retiring in 2015

19330 Lt (Ret) Michael Della Fortuna, RMC

5780 Col (Ret) Bernard Laliberté, CD, CMR/RMC

10030 LCol (Ret) Michel Reid, CMR

18249 Maj (Ret) Paula Sams, CMR/RMC

M0264 Maj (Ret) Frank Vellone, RMC

Royal Military Colleges Club of Canada – “The Road Ahead”:

A Strategic Review of the RMCCC Membership Environment

One Comment

  • Bob Kompf

    November 5, 2012 at 1:20 pm

    Classes: I proposed (but was severely shot down) that the existence of Classes be imbedded in the Club Constitution. (About 15 years ago!)

    Recruiting: The selection process is necessarily more difficult than being admitted to a civy U. DND quotas / Recruiting Centre engagement/interest, Branch involvement / “Red and White” programme or its ‘phoenix’ make for a mighty convoluted stew that takes a lot of energy to stir and from which to deliver the product i.e. successful candidates. Privacy laws limit access to potential applicants. Could there be a “High School” Edition of one or more or a composite of our outreach organs? Targeted to every secondary school in Canada! With responsive feedback to questions / inquiries.

    Fund Raising: The business of the Colleges must be conducted within the constraints of being units of the Canadian Forces. All that could be, may not be, simply because the DND budget and various “rules” around it seem to be unadaptable to the unique situation of the Colleges that are in competition with academic institutions across the country and around the world. In the ‘olde days’ (my time) all was provided. Rec rig, buses for sports, etc., laundry and dry cleaning! Mutual support of Colleges & Club / Foundation? Member support?

    Dilemma unresolved!!

    Communications: Greater use of interactive media could open access to those interested and reduce travel expenses with respect to; executive meetings, AGM, reunion weekend (have a virtual reunion!); events – sports, visiting lecturers, Class activities, Branch activities, etc. Speakers bureau – Often reports are heard that an Alumnus was here last week! Something more predictive might attract more interest and perhaps involvement.

    Membership: As I understand it, all persons who have been given a College Number are alumni. Those who have chosen to pay dues are active alumni and eligible for the “benefits of membership”. By inserting the word “active” and producing the term “benefits of active membership”, those who for whatever reason have not or are not paying dues are not thereby utterly excluded. If you have a number, you ARE A MEMBER OF THE CLUB!

    Serving Member Participation in Branch: For a few years Edmonton Branch had a Military Vice President and for more years a Military Liaison position on the branch executive committee. Gone. Contact with Cold Lake and Wainwright were never very clear or strong. Fostering ‘twigs’ of the ‘branch’ was never much more than an idea. Joining TGIF or POITS didn’t last.

    Dilemma unresolved!!

    Branch Christmas Reception: Knowing which Students (Cadets and others) and Candidates (in the recruitment stream) are in our area seems to be wrapped up in privacy laws. Sending the invitations needs access to addresses even if through a protective, third party. Could there be among the students an “Alberta Caucus” or an “Edmonton Caucus” that developed alignment with the appropriate Branch(es)? Extend the idea to alignment to high schools in the Branch area?

    Bob Kompf