RMC faculty member, awarded Comd CJOC Commendation


Colonel Howard G. Coombs, Chief of Staff (Reserve) Canadian Army Doctrine and Training Centre (CADTC ) had the pleasure recently to notify, RMCC Commandant, Brigadier-General Sean Friday that one of the RMC faculty, Dr. James McKay, has been awarded a Comd CJOC Commendation.  Lieutenant-Colonel McKay who also serves as a Army Reservist at CADTC received this award, for his 2015 reserve service while deployed on OP REASSURANCE  in Stuttgart, Germany.

During an operationally challenging period he was liaison to two headquarters. These organizations were EUCOM and AFRICOM (the latter position normally held by a Colonel).  The CJOC commendation cites his leadership and analytical skill, as well as his ability to forge close relationships across organizations and nationalities.

LCol McKay has also previously received the United States Joint Services Achievement Medal for his outstanding work to these two combatant commands. An awards ceremony with Comd CADTC (acting on behalf of Comd CJOC) will be convened at a later date (to be confirmed).

LCol McKay has written of his experiences in a recent edition of CMJ.