RMC Foundation Contributions to the RMCC Bands

RMC Foundation Contributions to the RMCC Bands

OCdt Eliza Bruce, IV (27472), CWBO, E-veritas correspondent

The RMCC Bands would like to extend its great appreciation and genuine thanks to the RMC Club Foundation for providing an ample donation of $15,000 for 2016/17 school year, to the furtherance of musical excellence, so that the Bands could more effectively carry out the goal of their motto, “The Sound of Leadership.”

The funds this year were allocated towards outfitting the pipes and brass and reed bands with various items that require frequent replacement: reads, valve oils, harnesses, drum heads, pip bags, dancing shoes, chanters,  headdresses, uniforms and uniform parts, drumsticks, music writing software (which allows the band to produce original arrangements and scores free of cost), lyres, special sessions with dance teachers, cases, and instrument repair. Such an extensive list only just taps the surface of all the facets of the RMCC Bands that benefit from this support, making the musical department of RMC a strong boasting point for many public appearances, functions, a positive PR representative for the college, and a welcome addition to parades.

This funding allows the band to operate smoothly, without having to worry about maintenance and supply all year round so that it can continue to produce the music and concerts loved by all, and to complete functions like the most recent Concert in Scarlets and Sunset Ceremony without a glitch. Such an important aspect of RMC life and tradition would not have been kept so vibrantly alive without the generous support of RMC Foundation sponsorship.

Here’s to another year of musical excellence and collaboration with the members of the Foundation!

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  • Mike Houghton

    May 23, 2017 at 12:14 pm

    Eliza, thank you for this acknowledgement. I thought your first article was well written as well. The Foundation looks forward to supporting the RMCC Band well into the future.

    6475 Mike Houghton
    President, RMC Foundation