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RMC Foundation, Major Sponsor of International Conference on CANDU Fuel

RMC Foundation, Major Sponsor of International Conference on CANDU Fuel

Article by: 27182 Officer Cadet (IV) Carmen Kiltz

Between August 15 and 18, RMC was playing host to this premier event on Canada deuterium–uranium (CANDU) Fuel. Delegates from Argentina. Austria, China, Hong Kong, India, Nigeria, South Korea, Romania, Sweden, the United States, and of course Canada brought their expertise to the gathering with the goal of helping “pave the way into the future” in the CANDU fuel industry.

This is the second year in a row where RMC has hosted this conference- the last time being in September of 2013. It was also the 13th Conference for this Group.

One of the major sponsors for the high profile conference was the RMC Foundation.

As conference chair, Dr. Paul Chan of RMCC has a strong nuclear industry experience.


The RMC Professor and Manager of the SLOWPOKE-2 Facility finished his BSc. (Honours) degree in Chemistry at the University of Victoria, completed his Master’s degree at the University of British Columbia in coal research and surface sciences, and received his Phd. from the University of New Brunswick in Chemistry in 1995.

Dr. Chan has worked for the Atomic Energy of Canada Limited and participated in many leadership roles within the nuclear industry over the past 26 years. He supervises undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students and is a Chair of the Fuel Technologies Division for the Canadian Nuclear Society. His research and expertise in the nuclear industry has certainly contributed to the success of this year’s conference.

Also in attendance from RMC were Officer Cadets from the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, ex-RMC cadets working on their Master’s theses, civilian students from RMC, professors, and researchers.

Participants at the conference attended plenary and parallel-technical sessions covering a range of special topics. With more than 80 papers received, the conference was not short on subjects to cover. Examples of subject matters presented included “Neutronic Analysis of an In-Core Co-60 Production in a CANDU 6 Reactor” and “Waste Management Policies for CANDU Spent Fuel in Nigeria.”

Posters were also on display to showcase research.

The conference has allowed each of its participants to listen to experts, present innovations, discuss research, network with peer and even renew old friendships and acquaintances.

For RMC, being the host, the conference has represented once again the professionalism and capability of our institution, and has highlighed the importance of nuclear research at the college.