RMC Foundation Needs Your Support to Fund Concrete Toboggan Race

RMC Foundation Donor Highlight of the Week – Donor from the Class of 1964

Article by Jennifer Jordan, RMC Foundation Fundraising Coordinator

Over the past 10 years the RMC Foundation, through your donations to our Truth, Duty, Valour Fund, has supported the annual Great North Concrete Toboggan Race (GNCTR).  This event is an annual engineering competition organized by student chapters of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers with Canadian Engineering Schools.

The students are tasked with designing and building a concrete toboggan based on strict guidelines.  Over the past 10 years the Civil Engineering Department has sent a team of 10 Second-Fourth Year Cadets to compete.  The students use their free time to design, construct, and apply theoretical concepts learned in the classroom.

Upon hearing about this project an anonymous donor from the Class of 1964 stepped up to the plate to provide funding of over $6500 to help cover some of the costs of this worthwhile project. 

The competition is being held in Edmonton Alberta in January 2019.  The team is still in need of $8500 in support for this competition to help cover the costs of registration, construction materials, travel and accommodations.  Your donations to our Truth, Duty, Valour Fund will provide the funding the students need in order to compete at the 2019 GNCTR.

A video of the competition can be found here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Vpwl0p-zZ4

To donate to our TDV fund and help our Cadets gain valuable leadership opportunities outside of the classroom please contact Jennifer Jordan at 613-541-6000 ext 6807, donate securely online at https://rmcfoundation.ca/ways-to-give/donate-online/ or via email [email protected] .  All donations will receive a tax receipt.

Thank you once again to our generous donor from the Class of 1964.  Your support does not go unnoticed.






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    November 19, 2018 at 7:00 pm

    “ The team is still need “ !! Why ever would you put in bold such a concrete example of why somebody,,please,,should get editing help for this National magazine ???