RMC Prepares to Ride for Soldier On While the Brass & Reed Spends Valentine’s Day in Ottawa

RMC Prepares to Ride for Soldier On

By:  25752 II Lane

This March at RMC, going nowhere has never been so fun.

RMC’s third annual 24-hour Bike-a-thon for Soldier On will take place on March 4th-5th. Since RMC launched the first Bike-a-thon a couple of years ago, the event has gotten bigger and better each year, with this year’s event set to be the best yet.

Soldier-On is an official charity of the CF. It is a program that supports ill or injured CF members, current or retired. This great program’s primary objectives are to provide resources and opportunities for said CF members, to create awareness to the general public and to foster cooperation with similar services in allied countries.

As it did last year, the Bike-a-thon will challenge each of the 13 squadrons to a 24-hour stationary bicycle race in which squadron members rotate throughout. Cadets who are too hardcore for a couple of thirty minutes shifts can take it to the next level, and ride for the full 24 hours, as a handful of brave cadets did last year.

This year also features the first annual Varsity Challenge, in which participating varsity teams will compete against each other for the ultimate in RMC varsity glory. There are five categories in which awards can be won; overall distance, inter-squadron, the Varsity Challenge, solo distance, and most money raised. There will also be minor rewards given for best costume, biking environment and sportsmanship.

With squadron, varsity and personal bragging rights on the line, as well as a couple of gift certificates to J&J Cycles and the Toucan Pub in Kingston, this year’s Bike-a-thon will prove to be the best yet. Please show your support for this very worthwhile cause by participating in the event in any way you can.

Ex cadets who wish to support their former Squadron may contact Chris Lane on how to do it. Same goes for family & friends of current cadets

s[email protected]


Une St-Valentin musicale

Par : 25042 Samuel Poulin – Directeur de l’Harmonie de l’Escadre

Alors qu’un sentiment d’amour se promenait dans l’air, l’harmonie du collège partait, à 6h30 la journée de la St-Valentin, pour Ottawa. Après plus d’un mois d’organisation, la journée était enfin venue. Les membres avaient une journée remplie par des pratiques d’ensembles et en section sous la supervision de la Musique centrale des Forces canadiennes.

Les élèves-officiers ont pu, tout au long de la journée, profiter de la grande expertise musicale des musiciens de la musique au cœur de notre pays. Que ce soit en jouant des pièces de concert, en exécutant des pratiques de section ou simplement en discutant lors de la pause, les opportunités ne manquaient pas pour partager un savoir raffiné, étant le point culminant de plusieurs années de pratiques dans le domaine.

La Musique Centrale des Forces Canadiennes est impliquée dans une multitude de cérémonies, tant militaires que civiles, lors d’une soixantaine de concerts annuellement divisés en plusieurs tournées de niveau international et régional.

Cette journée représente une des activités que la musique du collège offre à ses membres. Constamment occupé au niveau scolaire et militaire, les musiciens du collège ont finalement pu profiter de cette occasion en or.

Je tiens à souligner les efforts particuliers du commandant adjoint et directeur de musique adjoint, le Lt Christian Richer, ainsi que l’Adjuc Nigel Bell qui ont rendu cette journée possible dans le calendrier chargé de la Musique Centrale. Le tout a été planifié de connivence par l’Adjum Martin Huppé, responsable de la musique du collège et moi-même.

A musical Valentine’s Day

By: 25042 Samuel Poulin  – Cadet Wing Brass and Reed Major

While a feeling of love was in the air, the cadet wing Brass & Reed band was leaving, at 6h30 on Valentine’s Day, to Ottawa. After more than a month of organization, the day had finally come. The members had a day full of mass rehearsal and section practices under the supervision of the Central Band of the Canadian Forces

Officer Cadets could benefit from the musical expertise of the Central Band’s musicians. Whether by playing some concert chart, doing section rehearsals or only discussing with the musicians during breaks, opportunities were not missing to share a refined knowledge, being the culmination of many years of expertise.

The Central Band demonstrates its talent at several ceremonies, military as well as civilian, at around 60 concerts a year split into many tours at international and regional level.

That day represents one of many activities offered by the RMC Band. Always busy with academics and military activities at the college, RMC musicians were finally able to participate in such great events.

I would like to acknowledge the efforts of the deputy commander and musical director, Lt Christian Richer, as well as the CWO Nigel Bell who made that day possible into the filled calendar of the Central Band. Everything was planned between MWO Martin Huppé, in charge of the RMC Band and I.

One Comment

  • Lt Christian Richer

    March 1, 2011 at 12:05 am

    To all members of the RMC Band and MWO Huppé ;

    Very nice to have you over. I really hope we can do this again.

    best regards

    Lt Richer
    DCO, The Central Band of The CF