RMC tailors: Unsung heroes

Classy and dedicated group at the tailor shop

Article by 27476 OCdt Danielle Fielding

Danielle Fielding

The RMC tailors are some of the hardest working individuals at the College. These people, who work day in and day out, cater to the demands of the Officer Cadets of RMC, often going above and beyond to fulfill their needs.  One such tailor, is Aleria Bishop, she has been working casually at the RMC tailors since 2014. She had an extremely easy time acclimatizing herself to the job environment as she had grown up in the tailoring trade. Now, tailoring itself is a very repetitive job and harsh on the hands. Pricking under the nail bed and fingers is a regular occurrence, as well as having fingers cut with razors. Although it came easily to her, there are still some difficulties. Aleria, in a typical day, usually ends up working for nine hours or more, depending on the demand of the College.

Although she was content with the job for quite some time she felt as though she was missing something and attempted to leave the tailoring trade behind and go to Halifax to pursue some other job. After a year she realized just how much she missed the College and the tailoring shop, and next thing she knew she was back.  Now, Aleria could not be any happier, she loves her job, loves the hours, and feels like she is doing her part the College.

She works hand in hand with the other tailors, using their knowledge and experience to her advantage. Although she has not been there for as long as some of the other tailors she still knows some of the best stories from the shop. If a cadet wanders is and wants an interesting story there are plenty about bats, squirrels, no AC and one tailor even claims to have seen a ghost of a young air force officer with dark hair and a handsome face. In addition, the tailors even have a story of a cadet wearing a woman’s jacket for over a year. They kept instructing him to come and exchange it but he simply claimed it fit him perfectly and he liked his jacket!

Just like the other tailors, Aleria is kept on her toes, but both the demands of the college and interactions with the cadets. Sgt Tupper, who joined the tailor shop recently states that these tailors are “highly professional and a pleasure to work with”. Every tailor has a unique and interesting story, and it is worth while visiting just to say hi and listen to one. After all, Don Cherry’s mother used to work at the RMC tailors!