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PMT: RMCC, Ruck March College of Canada

By 27670 OCdt (II) Sippola, 12 Sqn

This week, the second year class participated in a challenging ruck march through RMC, up Fort Henry Hill and into the neighbourhoods of CFB Kingston. The ruck march was a fun experience as it really gave us a chance to put some of our military skills into practice and get some exercise on a sunny day.

The ruck march began on the inner rugby field, the one across from Yeo Hall and Fort Haldimand. We formed up at 0745, under the direction of NCdt Ryley Mackin, our class senior. The night before, NCdt Mackin and our flight seniors made sure that we had a complete packing list to make sure that ruck sacks weighed around 25 lbs.

At 0800, Capt Robison, Capt Weatherby, Sgt Pakenham, and Sgt Vanderklooster joined us on the field, kitted up and ready to go. Capt Robison led us in a quick warm up, which consisted of some push-ups and lots of jumping jacks.

After finishing the warm-up, we stepped off and began the ruck march. Morale was high among the second years as we complained about midterms, chatted about plans for the weekend and joked around along the way.

When we arrived at Fort Henry, we stopped in the parking lot where we were given some time to adjust our rucks. After a brief pause, Capt Robison had us on the ground doing push-ups and planks, while giving us some loud motivation. We kept going for a while and did more push-ups at a park on base.

On the way back, we stopped once more at the Fort Henry parking lot, where the Captain told us that he was impressed with our effort. As a reward, we did more push-ups. Finally, we returned to RMC, did a quick cool down and went about the rest of our day.

 More photos from the PMT – 19 Oct – Here


Putting Faith into Action

By 27279 OCdt (III) Anna Dillman – 3 Section COMSEC

The RMC Catholic Cadet Fellowship (CCF) may be small in size, but already after just a month at school, they have shown that they are mighty at heart. In about two weeks, the group of Officer Cadets, with the support of the RMC Padres, were able to raise 245 dollars through collections in just two Sundays.

The money has been turned into non-perishable foods that will be soon donated to the Kingston Food Bank. This contribution to the community marks just one of the many projects that the newly formed club has planned for the year. In collaboration with Padre MacKinnon, and with the support of the other RMC Padres, the CCF has made plans to connect RMC students with volunteer opportunities within the Kingston community.

The club so far has linked students to the Queens Catholics Christian Outreach Program (CCO), which offers sports nights, service dedicated for students, and local volunteering events. Other plans include volunteering at Night Light – a café dedicated to serving people who are at risk and in need– and the local Kingston soup kitchen.

This year, the theme for the CCF has been centered on reaching out to the community and becoming involved.

The club was first started this year by a group of Catholic third years who saw a gap between their religious community at RMC and the community of Kingston. What followed this idea was then the establishment of the CFF, comprised of just few members. Even though the club is relatively new, they have shown that even the smallest of numbers can have the greatest impact. At the end of the day, the size of the contribution is not as important as is the investment and continuous dedication to the people of Kingston that the contribution creates.