RMCC cadets win Sandhurst competition at West Point for 5th time

RMCC cadets win Sandhurst competition at West Point for 5th time

“Our exemplary team won the Sandhurst Competition! Truly outstanding result.”

BGen Sean Friday – proud commandant who travelled to West Point to witness the competition


By WJO & various sources

The 2016 edition of the RMCC military skills team captured the Sandhurst competition at West Point which ran April 8-9. This is a highly charged event where Officer Cadets from military academies around the world are given the opportunity to compete for the top prize, a British officer’s sword presented by the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst to the USMA in 1967.

RMCC has participated since 1997 and were also the overall winners in 2005; 06; 07; & 09.


This year’s competition had 13 different stations through the rugged terrain of the Hudson River valley surrounding West Point.

Cadets were challenged in several military skills such as marksmanship, land navigation, negotiating an obstacle course as well as other mentally and physically grueling events chosen on an ever changing basis; all skills they’ll use during their military careers when the time comes for them to lead their troops of their own.

Other academies / schools who participated:

U.S. service academies: 36 companies from USMA, Naval Academy, Air Force Academy, Coast Guard and USMA Preparatory School

ROTC: Texas A&M, Penn State, Marquette University, University of Delaware, University of Texas at Austin, Augusta University, Michigan State and Gonzaga University

International: Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (2), Royal Military College Duntroon, Escuela Militar, Offiziersshule des Heeres, Latvian Military Academy, Korean Military Academy, Japanese National Defense Academy, Turkish Military Academy, Heroic Military Academy and Peoples Liberation Army University of Science and Technology.

Congratulations to all team members and support staff.

More photos here

The Class of 1964 supports the Sandhurst Team every year through their Class endowment. This is administered through the RMC Foundation.


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