RMCC professor and MPA Student Explore Borders and Security in the Arctic

Caption from feature photo: June 21, 2017 Alaska, United States. RMCC professor Christian Leuprecht and RMCC MPA student Chris Jackson at the Alaska border sign near the Alaska-British Columbia border.

RMCC professor and MPA Student Explore Borders and Security in the Arctic

Christian Leuprecht

Professor Christian Leuprecht and his MPA student Chris Jackson, visited the Alaskan border as part of a 3-day summer school on border management issues in the North in Whitehorse, Yukon. The summer school was part of a workshop on borders, security and security management. The workshop examined how border integrity and regional security are envisioned through the lens of national policy and practice, and explored how well these fit within regional security needs in the Arctic. This resulted in the successful exchange of issues and ideas among representatives of Canadian and US federal, territorial, local, and Aboriginal government agencies, NGOs, and community representatives, security experts, scholars, and graduate students.

Dr. Leuprecht is also supervising Mr. Jackson’s project on maritime boundaries, so this trip served as a unique opportunity for Mr. Jackson to present his research to an expert and local audience.

The summer school and workshop were co-organized by Trent University and RMCC, and funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, in conjunction with the Borders in Globalization Partnership Grant of which RMCC an institutional partner.