RMCC sends one of its own to Sweden


RMCC sends one of its own to Sweden for the World Military Lifesaving Championships

Article by: 27182 Officer Cadet (IV) Carmen Kiltz

The World Military Lifesaving Championships are organized every two years by ILS (International Life Saving Federation). This year, the event is in its 48th year and is ongoing in Halmstad, Sweden from 8 to 14 August.

Ten countries in total are participating, including Germany, Ireland, Brazil, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, China, and of course, our own Canadian team.

The Canadian team consists of six males and six females, with an age range from 20 to 40 years old.

I caught up with OCdt. Aiden-SeiHyun Kim, a Business Administration student at RMC and the youngest member of the Canadian delegation.


Aiden is a member of the RMC Swim Team. With a combination of his swim times and, “mostly thanks to Kommy,” he said, he was able to become a member of this Canadian delegation.

Kommy Farahani (see article http://everitas.rmcclub.ca/?p=155145 from Aug 1) is the coach for the RMC Swim Team, and was instrumental in getting in contact with CISM aquatics coordinators.

Aiden was in Edmonton with the team prior to their departure to Sweden. Here, a ceremony was held and the twelve-squadron native was asked if the team could “trust him” to be the flag bearer for their team (pictured).

As the competition is ongoing, RMC’s own has competed in a 4 x 50m obstacles relay and in a 200m obstacle competition. He has six events left but is not sure which ones they are.

“I honestly just do what the team enters me for,” he laughs.

Aiden seems to be enjoying the experience and has a relaxed and open attitude towards the entire opportunity. He is “excited to be team CAF CISM.”

In terms of his plans for post-competition training, Aiden says he prefers solid swimming.

“I will train for any events I want to be good at honestly…I’m excited for a full year of proper training,” he says.

When asked if there is anything he has learned at this stage of the competition, Aiden had a simple response:

“I always knew it but Europeans are fast,” he said.

With four days left of lifesaving pool and beach events, participants are bound to be challenged and have fun, all the while experiencing “friendship through sport”- the CISM motto.

We wish the Canadian delegations the best of luck.