RMCC Staff On To Bigger and Better Things

Ex-Cadets Mug Out of RMCC

Article and Photos by 25366 Mike Shewfelt 

The coming of summer is a bittersweet time for the staff at RMCC. Once the chaos of Grad Week has passed, the thoughts of many turn to postings. June is posting season on the peninsula, as staff members leave the College to open a new chapter in their career, and as others come in to take their place. And while there is excitement at what is to come, for those moving on, emotions run high at what they leave behind. As LCol Sue Wigg, RMCC Director of Cadets put it, “After working here, and doing this job, no job will ever be big again.”

To mark the accomplishment and contributions of departing staff, and to help everyone bring the year to a close, the RMCC staff “mugged out” the departing staff members on Thursday, 31 May. Those departing were sent off in style, with the Training Wing staff having their own ceremony prior to the Senior Staff Mess ceremony, which involved all departing staff members from around the College.

Of particular interest was the promotion of 22823 Anthony Robb, the departing 1 Sqn Commander, who was promoted from Captain to Major.

e-Veritas wishes all those who “mugged out” the best of luck in their new postings.

The ex-Cadets moving on are:

14510 LCol Sue Wigg, 20563 Maj Anick Chayer, 11947 LCdr Doug Poucher, 22823 Maj Anthony Robb

21602 Capt Francois Allaire, 22558 Capt Sandra Price

Not present / No photo: 22739 Capt Alexandre Dumulon-Perreault, 22759 Lt(N) Peter Boucher,  Capt F Decarie, 24971 2Lt Hojin J. Lee

Those staff moving on who are not ex-Cadets are:

Capt Madryga, WD (Retiring/Retraite); LCol Adamczyk; JJ, Maj Hammond; Maj Myslicki, BM

Capt Carpenter, GD; Capt Decarie, F; Lt(N) Flanagan, I

Capt Laliberte, M; Capt Kent, C; Capt McCluskey; CPO1 Lindsay, EM

CPO2 Pyke, L; MGnr Berrigan, DJ; MWO Embree, C; PO1 Rice, R

WO Harpelle, P; WO Matheson, DB; WO Plamondon, CJD; WO Thibault, C

PO2 Thornton, MB; Sgt Brunelle, C; MCpl Lefebvre, D; MS Wong, IPF