RMCSJ Captures RMCC Flag / Brucie Abused


Dans un esprit de saine rivalité, des élèves-officiers du Collège militaire royal de Saint-Jean (CMRSJ) ont fièrement réussi à capturer le drapeau du Collège militaire royal du Canada à Kingston dans une opération clandestine menée entre le 1er et 2 septembre. Il semblerait que le drapeau du CMRSJ a flotté quelques heures à Kingston. Dans la photo, on voit les élèves-officiers qui ont mené cette opération spéciale, en compagnie du Major Michel Archambault, Directeur des élèves-officers (à l’extrême gauche) et de l’Adjudant-maître Pierre Bellemare, Sergeant -Major de l’Escadre (à l’extrême droite).

Crédit photo: Mario Poirier

In a healthy spirit of rivalry, Officer Cadets of the Royal Military College Saint Jean (RMCSJ) proudly captured the flag of the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston in a clandestine operation conducted between September 1st and 2nd. It appears that the RMCSJ flag flew for a few hours in Kingston. This photo displays the culprits who performed this special operation, with Major Michel Archambault, Director of Cadets (far left) and Master Warrant Officer Pierre Bellemare, Cadet Wing Sergeant-Major (far right).

Photo credit: Mario Poirier



Seen here is the famous Brucie, decorated in tell-tale blue and white with the fleur-des-lis on his chest. The culprits are still on the loose however, rumors say the CMRSJ cadets have done this. Brucies back had “CMR” painted across it and this occured the same evening as the capturing of the RMC flag. This friendly rivalry shows good spirit and fun between the schools. I am excited to see how RMCC will react and retaliate to the painting of our Brucie. Brucie was not damaged during this incident. Being that they used water soluble paint it came off as soon as he was hosed down.

Photo and Caption By 25275 Julia Anderson


  • David Threpid

    September 12, 2009 at 2:34 pm

    Painted bed sheets? Good substitute to the actual CMR flag… Im sure it saved some poor little OCdt from worrying to death over the fact that he thinks he lost the School flag while on duty, staying up all night, practicing bending over for the the punishment he’s gonna ‘receive’ from the sergeant major in the morning. Trust me, its not pleasent.