“Rook” Getting 8k / Author looking for juice on “The Maj”


Lcol O’Keefe;

Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly.

Tucker Densmore (photo) was chosen to receive a $8,000.00 scholarship from a total of 150 applicants from air cadets across our country. I have attached a letter from the chairperson of our scholarship committee.

The indivual donor who provides us with the funds to be able to give out this scholarship every year is Mrs. Kathleen Birchall from Kingston ON who will be attending our semi-annual dinner here in Ottawa on Friday, November 20th at the Minto Suites Hotel. We would love to have Tucker attend our dinner so that he may be formally presented with his cheque.

Please let us know if this will be possible as we would love to extend an invitation to him. If you need any other information, feel free to contact me at anytime.


Joan Gray
Administrative Assistant/Adjointe administrative
Air Cadet League of Canada/La Ligue des Cadets de l’Air du Canada
National Headquarters/Siège Social National
66 rue Lisgar Street
Ottawa ON K2P 0C1
Office/Bureau: (613)991-4349
Fax: (613)991-4347
Toll Free/Sans Frais: 1-877-422-6359
Email/Courriel: [email protected]
Website/Site Web: www.aircadetleague.com

In his own words…

Leonard Birchall Post Secondary Scholarship

The Leonard and Kathy Birchall award is handed out annually to a deserving air cadet who is continuing studies at a post-secondary institution. It is valued at 8000$. It was through the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Birchall that the award was first started.

I applied for the scholarship last spring after having noticed it on the air cadet website. As I read further into the particulars, I realized that the transcript hanging in my WO’s office, titled “Leadership,” was in fact by the late Air Commodore Birchall; the gentleman for whom the award was named. Before that time I had never really paid much attention to it, though it had been recommended to me numerous times. I then decided to read it. I was simply in awe; I was absolutely taken by the words of the commodore, and I was fascinated with his story. As I read further and further I development an instant and profound respect for him, as well as an admiration for his courage and integrity. He was not the average man; he was a gentleman and officer of the highest stature, he exemplified the qualities of a leader with distinction, and never lost his composure. And still he amazed me that after his horrible ordeal in the Pacific that he would continue on to serve, and fight for justice and morality, and remain in the forces. A hero among all others and a brilliant example of the quality of Canadian officers, as well as Canadian Ethos.

Before the start of summer I received a call from Manitoba telling me that I had won the award; I was absolutely shocked! The first thing I set out to do was to thank Mrs. Birchall. I was able to contact her and before coming to RMC I was fortunate enough to meet her. She invited my grandmother, sister, mother, and me to lunch. Her hospitality and tenacity were outstanding. She showed me several rare articles that belonged to the commodore, and told us several stories. Before we left she presented me with a book that contained an article written by the Commodore. The last thing she showed us was the Commodores journal that he kept during his time as a POW; she had never read it, but she always kept it. All in all it was an absolute honour and pleasure.

The scholarship is valued at 8000$, but seeing as my education will be free for the next four years I am planning on putting it towards flying; a passion of the late Commodore and one that I hope to make career of.

Ocdt Densmore


Request for Information

Re: Maj. (Ret’d) W. J. (Danny) McLeod M.C., C.D., D.MilSc (Hon)

danny-08I am in the early stages of research on the biography of Danny McLeod. Danny has a significant connection to RMC and is well known to many of the alumni. Any stories (good or bad) you may have will be greatly appreciated. Please do not assume I already have information you may know.

I am looking for stories, real-life memories, additional contacts and little known facts or sources from all aspects of his post, including his youth, military service, RMC days, NHL experiences, family, collegiate involvement, etc.

Should you wish to verify my relationship with Danny he may be contacted by phone.

The number is 613-546-7045.

I may be reached in any of the following ways:

Phone: 613-634-4347

Email: [email protected]

Address: 409 Tanglewood Dr

Kingston, ON K7M 7V8

I look forward to your responses.

Ted Nurse