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Rookie Prof. quickly adapting to life on the peninsula

Rookie Prof. quickly adapting to life on the peninsula

Article and feature photo by: 27371 OCdt (IV) Allyssa Millie

Dr. Riley Bedoe joined the RMC teaching staff in January 2017. A professor in the Civil Engineering department, Bedoe recently taught third year Hydrology.

From Oakville, ON, Bedoe studied Civil Engineering and got her bachelor of education at Queens University.

Although she hasn’t been here for very long, Bedoe’s favourite memory so far has been going on the third year field trip to Cold Lake, AB. It was a very neat opportunity for her to be able to work on a real base and work with her students.

Bedoe has always wanted to teach, and first decided this when she was a camp counselor as a summer job. She first couldn’t decide which age she wanted to teach and went to teachers college so that she could teach high school. Later on she did her masters and PhD as she discovered that she would rather teach older people. Before coming to RMC, Bedoe taught at York University for two and a half years.

Although she has no military family, Bedoe appreciates certain military aspects about RMC. Having small class sizes, and getting to know great colleagues and students are all reasons why Bedoe loves teaching here at the college. She also loves the whole atmosphere for teaching and research. Having fallen in love with both the city of Kingston, the view from her office, and the college itself, Bedoe hopes to continue to teach here for a very long time to come.

Bedoe believes that everybody should continue to learn new things and explore passions. “It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing, you can always be learning something. And it’s never too late to follow passions and come back for another degree or two.”