ROYAL ROADS PAVERSTONE CAMPAIGN: cutoff date is rapidly approaching


The cutoff date for ordering paverstones for installation this year is rapidly approaching. There will be over 500 stones in place for the grand unveiling on 10 September 2011 at the Mast. Orders received after 31 July 2011 will be held for installation in 2012. The campaign will continue into future years but naturally we would like to have a good representation of all classes and civilian and military staff for the dedication this September.

The paverstones can be ordered for anyone who served at RR from 1940 to 1995, either as a cadet or as a staff member. Many classes are ordering stones for deceased classmates as well. There are 76 stones in place now and when 500 plus are down in September it will be a spectacular sight to see.

Please do not procrastinate. Follow the ordering instructions below and be part of this military heritage project at Royal Roads University this year.

Sponsored and managed by the Vancouver Island Ex-Cadet Club.







CFB Esquimalt Naval & Military Museum has an extensive collection of official Canadian naval ship, naval establishments and naval air unit badges 1910-1948. Lieutenant-Commander (Ret’d) David J. Freeman heads the Badge Project and is in the process of completing a book on this subject. A detailed project is underway to capture photographic or digital images of all the badges worn by HMC ships before 1948.

The Museum has a list of black and white images already collected by The Badge Project for which they are now seeking colour images. These include a black and white badge for ROYAL ROADS – crown plus anchor, open book & spray of three maple leaves.

The museum collection includes two colour badges for military colleges:

ROYAL CANADIAN NAVAL COLLEGE – maple leaf, sword, book, anchor

ROYAL ROADS – a. name on a shield

A number of ships and establishments have no known pre-1948 insignia. Occasionally, badges or images of badges come into the possession of the CFB Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum that are a total mystery.

For badges prior to 1948 the following information is required: To your knowledge, was there or wasn’t there a badge or insignia for the ship?; Who designed the badge, or had a hand in its creation? Who painted the badge? When was the badge first designed? What is the significance of the design? Who organized having the badge made into another version, such as a jacket patch? Where on/in the ship was the badge displayed? Any other information.

Although the actual badges themselves are not being collected for the project, if you hold a badge or insignia – or a photograph in which the badge or insignia appears – arrangements can be made to copy it. If you can provide any answers about the origins of any of the mystery badges, and the groups/organizations they represent, or can provide details of these or other badges from the list please contact the Badge Project at: [email protected] Images for many of the badges from this collection can viewed through this site.


Royal Canadian Naval College Memories


Royal Naval College of Canada rugby team with mascot circa 1921 Photo Catalogue No. VR992.146.2 and Royal Canadian Naval collection RCN B17003


The late 1828 Brigadier (Ret’d) Thomas Geoffrey Beament documented daily life of Royal Canadian Naval College through photographs with captions identifying the people he trained with, the ships, the campus, and places he photographed. His son 3191 Commander (Ret’d) Gerald Beament donated one of his father’s albums to the Royal Roads’ archives in 1985. The Royal Roads University gave the album to the Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum in March 2011 where the images are being digitized and wrapped in protective coating. The album has been stored in the museum’s archives, but can be pulled out for people interested in seeing it. Some of the photos have been posted on the museum’s website.


From left, Paul Longtin, senior officer for the Royal Roads University Foundation, Debbie Towell, curator of Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum, and Dave Bindernagle, the last commandant of Royal Roads Military College in 1995, look through a book of 90 year old photographs taken by a cadet at the Royal Canadian Naval College

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