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Caroline Posynick, the RRU archivist and e-veritas contributor has been working with the RRU Foundation to prepare for the Homecoming event in September, This year’s homecoming reception on Friday Aug 19th recognized the donation of a historically significant item from Royal Roads’ illustrious past – the RRMC Mace.

Caroline provided the images of the RRMC mace procession, a presentation of a RRMC degree in 1984 and a photo of the RRMC mace in 1978. The RRMC mace is on ‘permanent loan’ to RRU from the Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum.

On 9 September, during homewoming weekend the repatriation ceremony for the RRMC Mace will be held at 19:30 hrs at the rear of Quarterdeck. The mace symbolizes the authority of the College, as granted in the name of the Sovereign (currently Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II). When carried into the ceremony and placed on stage, the mace signals the opening of the convocation. The design incorporates elements of the historical significance of Hatley Castle, history, academic direction and vision of Royal Roads Military College.


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  • Victoria Edwards

    August 27, 2011 at 11:00 am

    Eric Chappell provided more details on the photos.
    * RRMC mace procession, Honours Day – 26 Sep. 1979 with mace bearer Dr. Henry Montgomery, RRMC Chemistry Department
    * a presentation of a RRMC degree in 1984 RRMC quarter deck. RT. Side Prof. M. D. Thom, military staff member and cadet.
    * a photo of the RRMC mace in 1978 during the Convocation in May 1978. Left to right: -?? Possibly Chancellor; Honourary degree recipient – either DR. C.P. Stacey or Dr. K.R Greenaway; DR. E.S. GRraham, Principal and Director of Studies, Dr. H.J. Duffus, Head Department of Physics; Col A.D. Wallis (RET’D) Registrar