RSM Coggins’ Farewell to the Cadet Wing – 55 Years Ago

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RSM Coggins’ Farewell to the Cadet Wing

Copied from THE MARKER- Vol IX – No. 13 – 13 May 1958 – (Editor 4860, Cadet A.J.G. D.  de Chastelain)

It is now close to twenty-nine years since I first entered the gates of RMC (12 August 1929) on a three year tour of duty. With those years behind me I feel that I can call RMC my home, for in my time spent at RMC there has never been an occasion when I felt I would rather have been elsewhere.

My association with the College has been very pleasant, and I will carry with me many happy memories of all you “Jump for Joys” and of all the friends I feel I have made. One pleasant experience I always have is meeting Ex-Cadets, and it makes me quite proud to say that no matter where I meet them, at the College, in England or the USA, they never fail to stop and say Hello.

This year is, I feel my graduation from the College. I shall be sorry to go, but then all good things must end sometime. Now I must learn to act as a ‘human being’ ( I have often told the recruits that when they arrive at RMC to become cadets they cease to be human beings, and that until such time as they graduate, they must concentrate on being nothing but good cadets).

To the present Recruit Class my one regret is that is that I shall not be here to see you graduate; but who knows, I may be watching you from the sidelines. Always remember that the backbone of the College is the Recruit Class. Without them there would be no College, and life would be very dull and miserable; so keep up the good work recruits, and make life livable for everyone at RMC.

Another regret is that in the years to come I will not be able to tell little stories of how awkward a certain General Officer was in his Recruit class.

To the remainder of the Cadet Wing and the Ex-Cadets may I thank you for your cooperation over the years and for making my work so pleasant.

In farewell may I say, “ ‘Oive seen worse – ‘oive seen better – but not much”. Good luck to you all.

J.E. Coggins, WO 1


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