Rugby Paladins travelling to McMaster for play-off showdown & Much more sports

The address is for McMaster University – 1280 Main St W. Hamilton Ontario

 The rugby  pitch (Field F) is behind Parking Lot H near the climbing tower.

The Paladins rugby team is headed for date with destiny this coming Wed 4 Nov – 2 PM. The local team finished the regular schedule 4 and 4.

The opposition will be McMaster University who were one win better during the season finishing 5 and 3.

During the regular season Mac defeated the Paladins by a score of 15 – 0.

Promises to be a good match. Ex Cadets family & friends in the area are encouraged to attend.






Men’s & Women’s Fencing OUA – Fencing
Hockey OUA- Men’s Hockey CIS – Hockey
Rugby OUA – Men’s Rugby
Men’s Soccer OUA – Men’s Soccer CIS – Men’s Soccer
Women’s Soccer OUA – Women’s Soccer CIS – Women’s Soccer
Men’s Volleyball OUA – Men’s Volleyball CIS – Men’s Volleyball
Women’s Volleyball OUA – Women’s Volleyball CIS – Women’s Volleyball


Recent Results:


Sat. 31 Oct RMC 17 @ Toronto 15


Fri. 30 Oct Windsor 7  @ RMC 3

Sat 31 Oct Windsor 6  @ RMC 2

(W) Volleyball:

Fri 30 Oct Toronto 3 @ RMC 1

Sat 31 Oct Ryerson 3 @ RMC 0


(M) Volleyball

Fri 30 Oct Toronto 3 @ RMC 0

Sat 31 Oct Ryerson 3 @ RMC 0

Upcoming Games:

Rugby: Wed 4 Nov RMC at McMaster – 2 PM



Fri 6 Nov York @ RMC 7:00 PM

Sat 7 Nov Brock @ RMC 7:00 PM

(W) Volleyball:

Fri 6 Nov RMC @ York 6:00 PM

Sat 7 Nov RMC @ Nipissing 6:00 PM


(M) Volleyball:

Fri 6 Nov RMC @ York 6:00 PM

Sat 7 Nov RMC @ Nipissing 6:00 PM



We are aware that there were a number of other important  sporting events going on over the weekend. These include – Fencing / Sailing and Rowing. We will post results / articles if and when they become available.


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RMC Multisport Club Hosts Fundraising Bonanza

By 26685 NCdt (IV) Graham Mater

“Bubble Soccer” is not a term you hear every day, but this new phenomenon is taking the world of fringe-sports by storm. Imagine a regular soccer game, except each player is safely encased in a transparent plastic sphere. The game is full contact, so it is not uncommon to witness full-on collisions that often result in one player being flung head-over-heels across the pitch. On Saturday October 19th, The RMC Multisport Club capitalized on this new sport’s popularity and hosted RMC’s first ever Bubble Soccer Tournament.

The fundraising event was spearheaded by the club’s president, insert college number OCdt (IV) Daniel Falco, and the club’s vice-president, insert college number OCdt (IV) Alexander Gorman. With assistance from Mr. Ryan Thompson and RMC’s Personnel Support Programs, the event turned into a resounding success.

Over fifteen teams from RMC, CFB Kingston, and Queen’s University battled it out on RMC’s indoor soccer pitch in both recreational and competitive categories. And with over three thousand dollars worth of prizes up for grabs, all donated by Boston Pizza, the stakes were high and the competition was fierce. Members of the Multisport Club were on hand facilitating the event, and it was clear at the end of the day that the club’s fundraising efforts were not in vain. The club raised over one thousand dollars which, along with a generous grant from the RMC Foundation, will be used to support the club’s training and also allow some members to travel to a race this coming March. Now that the fun is over, the club is back to its routine activities that include facilitating group training sessions for swimming, cycling, and running, and also supporting members by giving them access to training equipment and a team atmosphere.

The RMC Multisport Club would like to thank all of the volunteers and participants who made the event possible and look forward to representing RMC in competition abroad this spring.