Sandhurst Competition This Week At USMA

On the fields of friendly strife are sown the seeds that on other days and other fields will bear the fruits of victory.

General Douglas MacArthur

US WWII general & war hero (1880 – 1964)

RMC Sandhurst Team Moves to West Point for the Final Push

Competition tests all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie.

By 25323 Kathleen Haddon

The Sandhurst team has arrived at Westpoint, New York.

For those e-Veritas readers interested in watching the competition, it will be over a two day period on April 15th and 16th. A busload of OCdts will be heading to New York to support RMC, and spectators not on the bus are highly encouraged.

The team has been training extremely hard since the long selection so many weeks ago. Whether they were doing a rope bridge in the snow at 0700 before classes, or running around the track in the Fieldhouse for what seems like an eternity, their efforts will not go unrecognized. All the members of the Sandhurst team require a level of dedication and commitment in order to even survive the first cut.

We would like to wish the 2011 Sandhurst team good luck in the competition.

The RMC 2011 Sandhurst Team

The Running Nine:

24789 Gallant, C.J.

25434 Ouellet, J.C.

25014 Cook, L.S.

24768 Stokes, M.A.

25197 Merriman, R.W.

25573 Neppel, D.F.B.O.A.P.

25727 Philp, B.J.

25360 Ragetli, D.L.W.

25928 Jarvis, A.M.G.


25594 Lowthian, M.J.

25926 Goddard, A.P.

24868 Burry, S.W.

24961 Gorsline, D.J.

25284 Blakie, E.J.

25726 Peetsma, M.J.

25733 Ungeitis, M.W.

Support Staff:

24765 Ouellette, F.M.

24704 Dion, F.J.R.

25708 Everitt, A.M.J.

25154 Monette-Saillant, K.

25163 Meunier, S.J.M.

24743 Houle, S.C.

OPI and Coaches:

Capt Price

Capt Schamuhn

Stephane Robert

PO Poirier


RMC Sandhurst Team hard at work over the past few months





One Comment

  • Capt and Mrs. V. Ungeitis

    April 12, 2011 at 2:23 pm

    Wishing the Sandhurst team all the best in their efforts to bring home the #1 title for RMC. We know “you can do it” !!!!!!!

    Capt & Mrs. V. Ungeitis
    CFB North Bay