Sandhurst Competition

Photo: OCdt (IV) Joel Morris

Sandhurst 2011 – What the commandant Commodore Bill Truelove had to say.

” Under very demanding weather conditions, the RMCC Sandhurst Team again displayed incredible leadership, fitness and mental toughness as they tackled the 3.5 hour course at West Point. While the outcome was not what they were hoping for, the entire team, including trainers and support staff, should hold their heads very high for their impressive accomplishment and fine display of professionalism. We are all immensely proud of them all.

Special thanks once again to the RMCC Foundation and particularly the Class of ’64 for their ongoing generosity and focussed support to the Sandhurst team. Without this support, the Cadets would not be able to fully participate in these types of ‘Margin of Excellence’ opportunities. I once again invite all classes to consider how they may also assist the Cadets through Foundation support.

Again, to the Sandhurst Team, well done and thank you for your great efforts and for representing RMCC and Canada with such excellence. Brenda and I were honoured to be there with you.”

Commandant and ‘College Mom’


Photo: OCdt (IV) Joel Morris

Sandhurst – a competition going since since 1967

This Years winner: West Point, Bravo Company Third Regiment

The latest version of the Sandhurst Competition (SANCOM) was held held on Saturday, 16 April 2011. On Friday, the Sandhurst squads conducted the marksmanship portion.

In 1967, the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS) presented West Point with a British officer’s sword. The intent was for the sword to be the prize for a competition, the aim of which was to promote military excellence among the Corps of Cadets. The original purpose statement read as follows – “To provide the Corps of Cadets with a challenging and rewarding regimental skills competition, which will enhance professional development and military excellence in selected soldier skills.”

Since 1993 two teams from RMA Sandhurst have taken part, and from 1997, a team from Royal Military College of  Canada (RMCC) has also participated. Since that time, the competition overall winner has been a team from RMA Sandhurst or RMCC who won it all in: 2005; ’06; ’07’ & ’09.

Congratulations to the West Point, Bravo Company Third Regiment team.  From all reports our own RMCC team did us proud.


Not available at press time.

We expect to have a detailed Sandhurst report with photos and final standings for e-V 17 next week.

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  • 2897 MGen Herb Pitts

    April 18, 2011 at 10:28 pm

    Bill,This is more of a personal request than a comment and I request you assistance in getting the record straight as I understand the situation. About six years ago, I on behalf of the First Canadian Parachute Battalion Association, approached the Foundation to arrange support in some form for the Sandhurst Team. The skills, determination, fitness and leadership needed to win (and participate) in this competion were much related to the job of the Paratrooper. The Association was in the throes of “wind down” as members aged but they embraced the project of supporting the RMC Sandhurst team to the extent of providing $25,000 to be awarded as the team saw fit and an old trophy {Lancaster Challenge Cup”??) was resurected. One Can Para’s role in this has been downplayed in recent releases and I”d like to see that changed to proper recognition of “first stepping up to the plate. As the Patron of the Association, now disbanded, I’d appreciate recognition of who is supporting the event (team), regardless of dollar amount, being stated.