Pre-Badging Parade Reception

Photos by Capt Cynthia Kent

A pre-parade reception was held at the Senior Staff Mess of RMC.  The Chief of Defense Staff, General Walter Natynczyk was in attendance to greet guests prior to the Badging Parade.


Class of 2015 Receive Their Cap Badges on Parade

Article and photos by 26173 OCdt (II) Emily Morgan

This Saturday the class of 2015 were marched on to the parade square during the prestigious badging parade ceremony to be officially instated as cadets of the Royal Military College of Canada.

The parade was under the command of the Cadet Wing Commander, 25440 OCdt Landon Lavictoire from Kirkland Lake, Ontario.


After the Cadet Wing marched past in column of route, the Cadet Wing Training Officer, 25045 OCdt Michel St-Pierre from Québec, Quebec, led the first year class onto the parade.

The awards ceremony followed, which honoured and recognized certain RMC cadets for their outstanding academic and military achievements.






The winning flight of the FYOP Obstacle Course was also announced. In fifth place was Fighter Flight of 2 Squadron, in fourth was Papa Flight from 5 Squadron , in third was Savage Flight from 10 Squadron, in second was Good Flight from 13 Squadron, and the overall winner was Tango Flight of 7 Squadron. The Captain John Bart Leadership Award was presented to one member of each first year flight who displayed the best leadership throughout First Year Orientation Period (FYOP).

The first year ROTP /RETP cadets then received their college cap badges from members of the Old Brigade. At the same time members of Otter Squadron received college coins as they already have their MOC cap badge.

Speeches were short and kept to a minimum much to the delight of the family and friends in attendance due in part to the very cool, windy conditions.

The Badging Parade concluded with a fly past by two F-18s.

The parade marked an end to FYOP for the first years, and their official acceptance into the Cadet Wing.



Wall of Honour Ceremony

Photos by 26173 OCdt (II) Emily Morgan and Capt Cynthia Kent, RMCC PAO

On Saturday afternoon, three Ex cadets were officially enshrined on the RMCC Wall of Honour: 85 William Stewart, the first Chief Hydrographic Surveyor of Canada; 2364 Leonard Birchall, the “Saviour of Ceylon”; 2791 Jean Ostiguy, banker and philanthropist. Bios

This brings the Wall of Honour membership to 11.

The formal details for this high profile event were coordinated with RMCC authorities by 5877 Ted Davie.

Following the formal induction ceremony during a cold October day,  a superb reception was held at the Canadian Defence Academy (Ridout Row) just a short walk from the Wall of Honour. Friends and family of the inductees rubbed shoulders with civilian and military dignitaries.

The guests attending the classy reception enjoyed coffee, tea and light snacks in ideal indoor conditions and a welcome break from the weather.















Old Brigade/Ex-Cadet Dinners & Dances

Captain Cynthia Kent, RMC PAO, was all over town on Saturday night, stopping by Zorba’s in Kingston during the Old Brigade Dinner/Dance. She also dropped in and took a few photos at the Ambassador Hotel site of the RMC Club sponsored Dinner/Dance which from all reports was a well run and enjoyable evening for all those in attendance.

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