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Scott’s vision of the RRU Foundation

We exist to honour the heritage, maintain the magic, and facilitate the future of Royal Roads. Simple but powerful words that have guided every action of the foundation.

On the heritage front, we now have a permanent and well populated Heritage Committee headed up by Admiral Russ Moore whose regular meetings and volunteer efforts, well connected to and supported by University senior management, will lead inexorably to many more restorations like the one today of very recognizable manifestations of the 45 years of the military era of Royal Roads.

Quite simply I can think of no other more symbolic and visible restoration than the naval mast to indicate to the 6000 ex cadets of the military era that the Royal Roads University is dead  serious about honouring its heritage. And while the process to decide on whether, when, where and how may have taken a little longer than some would have liked to see, what we have in front of us today in this new location is clearly a marriage of the past with the future. The President has termed this area a Legacy Garden, with the Naval Mast as its very obvious centre of gravity. We see behind us the former Vice Commandant’s house that could well become a museum for Royal Roads history, and beside us these walls, which could well become, similar to a project just announced at the Royal Military College, a place to honour those who have been associated with Royal Roads that have gone on to distinguish themselves as outstanding citizens of the world.

Royal Roads University Foundation – Military Heritage Fund

The Spirit and Purpose of the Military Heritage Fund established by Royal Roads University Foundation is to support the preservation and enhancement of the military heritage of Royal Roads so that these historically and culturally significant treasures of our national heritage can be enjoyed and celebrated by ours and future generations.

The Fund will be comprised of the proceeds of philanthropy to support the acquisition, restoration and maintenance of Canadian Forces artifacts at Royal Roads, the maintenance and enhancement of the appearance of the historic grounds, gardens and buildings, and programs that educate the general public about the military heritage of Royal Roads. Funds to provide for ongoing support and maintenance.

The Military Heritage Fund is managed by the Royal Roads University Foundation with guidance from the Royal Roads Military Heritage Committee. Each granite paver donations is set at $200 – cheques, payable to “Royal Roads University Foundation” can be mailed to VI Ex-Cadet Club, 8-981 Fir Tree Glen, Victoria , B.C. V8X 5B8. The RRU Foundation will issue a tax receipt for the full donation.

Donations to the Class of ’61 Paver Project may also be sent to the RMC Foundation Manager, Jennifer Jordan, at her direct line (613) 541-6000 ext 6807, or you can conveniently and securely donate via the RMC website – http://www.rmcclubfoundation.ca– click-on Donate Now. On-Line donors can annotate in a separate block that their funds be directed to the RRUF MHF Paver Stone Project. The RMC Foundation will provide a donation tax receipt, reduced by $100 to account for the fabrication and maintenance of a personal paverstone; i.e. your tax receipt from the RMC Foundation for a personal $200 paverstone will be for $100; donations beyond $200 will gain a tax receipt for the full amount.

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