Sports: Competitive Club and Rec Club Award Winners

The RMC Paladins announced the award winners from their competitive and recreation club programs on Friday, April 3, 2020.

Competitive Clubs Volunteer of the Year: Joel Renaud, Judo

As president, he has managed to increase recruitment and retention of members and has worked diligently with RMC staff to get vital new resources for our club. He led the charge to legitimize our club, maintain discipline and help foster an environment fit for a competitive club. He has worked, primarily behind the scenes, to organize events and get new mats, in addition to being a fine example as a Judoka and a club president.

Rec Clubs Volunteer of the Year: Naman Sharma, Photography

With a small but dedicated group of volunteers, he led the photography club to continue to accomplish the meaningful work of capturing the unique campus life at RMC. He ensured that every major event at the College was documented – either by him or one of the club’s other members – and that quality photos of such events were always made available to the staff at the College and in the Athletic Department.

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Thank you to the Class of 1962 Rec Club Endowment donors for providing the funding needed for the Officer Cadets to participate in these worthwhile competitions.