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Recent Results:

Volleyball (M)

Nov 8th – RMC 1 vs Nipissing 3 Game Summary

Nov 9th – RMC 0 vs York 3 Game Summary

Volleyball (W)

Nov 8th – RMC 3 vs Nippissing 1 Game Summary

Nov 9th – RMC 0 vs York 3 Game Summary


Nov 8th – RMC 2 vs Brock 6 Game Summary

Nov 9th – RMC 1 vs York 3   Game Summary

Upcoming Games:

Volleyball (M)

Nov 16th – RMC vs Waterloo @Waterloo 12:00pm

Nov 17th – RMC vs McMaster @McMaster 3:00pm

Volleyball (W)

Nov 16th -RMC vs. Lakehead @Lakehead 7:00pm


Nov 15th – RMC vs Ryerson @Ryerson 7:30pm


Paladins Win RMC Cup For First Time Since 2009

David Howes RMC Fencing Asst Coach

The 44th annual RMC Invitational Team Fencing Competition took place this weekend. The popular event attracts university and club teams from across Ontario, Quebec as well as NY state. The host Paladins won the RMC Cup, which is awarded to the school or club with the best overall results in all events, for the first time since 2009.

Photo: Curtis Mynard: Competing in her 9th RMC Invitational was 24446 Capt Jackie Power (3rd – LtoR)  who has just recently returned from deployment in Afghanistan. Jackie is a former Cadet Wing Commander currently posted at Petawawa and is a member of a local club in that area.

Leading the way for the Paladins was the silver medal winning women’s épée team of Deanna Gilmore, Kalina Larocque and Victoria McCormick, who just missed taking the gold after losing a close match to McGill by a score of 45-44. RMC’s women’s sabre team also had a good day, finishing 4th, while men’s épée, women’s foil and men’s sabre finished in the top 8.

The young men’s épée team of Michael Mussari, Anthony Guolla and Zaq Quinsey from RMC’s Cutting Edge Fencing community program also just missed the medals, finishing 4th.

See More, 9th RMC Invitational Fencing Competition Photos by Curtis Maynard  Here


Physical Performance Test – That Time of Year Again.

The PPT is run twice yearly: once in the fall and once in the winter with two alternate test dates for Medicals and those who were Duty Away.

Depending on the era the PPT has had different formats. For the best part of 40 plus years – the mile and half run was the measuring stick for cardio. At various times it was run around the track (near SAM); around the peninsula – starting and finishing near the Memorial Arch. Even inside SAM when weather conditions were severe.

Up until the mid to late 1980s – upper body strength was measured by doing chin-ups. Push Ups replaced the Chin-Ups.

The Long Jump (formerly, called the Standing Broad Jump), Agility Run and Sit-Ups have endured since the 1960s.

This current fitness test is designed to test each ROTP/RETP OCdt in a a specific component of fitness.

o 20 meter shuttle run (maximal test designed to test VO2max)

o Max push ups (designed to test upper body endurance)

o Long jump (correlates to explosive power)

o Agility run (designed to test the “agility” of the individual)

o Sit Ups (tests “core” endurance)

There is a table for each component – maximum of 100 pts. – Pass (all 5 components) is 250 pts.

We are told that the results are actually extremely consistent year-to-year with a failure rates typically just over 10%.

The process for failures varies and is determined by Standards but as of now, 1st and 2nd year OCdts who fail are mandated to attend SPT (supplementary physical training) four mornings each week.

The results from the last test indicate 57 individuals have achieved over 400.

· OCdt Jarvis received a score of 465 (top male).

· OCdt Whittaker received a score of 444 ( top female).

We did not ask or were given the numbers (or names) of the failures.




Skydiving Members on Cloud 9

On the October 18-20th weekend 8 members of the RMCC Skydiving club piled into a van and headed out for Skydive Toronto. All members had their Solo license and were going down to get some coach jumping done in preparation for their A License training during the spring break trip in ZHills Florida. The first day there was a low overcast layer of clouds and rain that prevented the cadets from jumping that day, however the day was not wasted with all members refreshing their packing skills while 3 members completed the entire parachute packing course.

This course consists of 10 supervised packs and a “mess test” where the instructor tangles up the entire parachute and the student has to unwrap it and pack it perfectly. This was easily passed by the cadets with OCdt Brouilliard doing so well on the course that the instructor wanted to hire her to pack professionally at the dropzone.

The next day the weather was cold. Although the skies were overcast at certain points in the day, it was clear enough to let the jumping begin. Many of the students took advantage of the availability of instructors at Skydive Toronto and did instructor jumps were they practised various movements in freefall. Each skydive consist of a plane ride in a Cessna 182 to the altitude of 10,500’ where the cadet would then need to climb outside the plane and hanging on to the strut of the wing and stand on the wheel of the landing gear. They would then give the signal and jump off, free falling for approximately 45 seconds. They would then perform their manoeuvres, open their parachute at 3,500’, and fly back to the dropzone.

During the weekend, the Club President, OCdt Birchall made his 100th skydive and was promptly silly stringed and whipped creamed after he put his parachute down, as per skydiving tradition. The Club Vice President OCdt Simard was able to finish off all the requirements to graduate from the SOLO to the A License. 18 jumps were made over the weekend, with the highlight being the last Sunset load of the weekend. This was an RMCC cadet only load, in which the cadets were able to jump and see the beautiful twilight view before making the drive back to the College.