(W) Rugby Travel to McGill – Experience second half letdown

The Women’s Rugby Team had their first away game of the season Friday, Nov 6. After a spirited 3 hr bus ride to Montreal, the ladies kicked off against McGill. The backs were effectively passing out the ball and were able to make some good runs up the wing. The forwards were strong in the scrum, despite the experience McGill had, and the flankers were quick off the pack to stop any picks by the opposing 8-man and Scrummie. The first half was evenly matched, with strong defence by RMC to stop more than one drive into the try-zone range. A heavy kicking game was well defended and returned by the back line. The half-time score was 5-0 for McGill. A more physical game was seen in the second half, and both sides had more than one injury. The RMC women fought hard, but couldn’t keep momentum in the second half, losing 17-0. Player of the match was (II) Alex Warren, and best tackle went to (I) Rachel Hilbig.

Article by: 24886 Gillian Kelland


Queens at RMC this Wed @ 1900 hrs.

The (w) rugby team will be competing in their last game of the season this Wed night.  The team has made great progress this year.  Games against the likes of McGill & Queen’s are just two more steps in the development of the RMC (w) rugby program.  Well done, ladies!


rmc-paladin-mascotPaladin Final Design

Cadets, staff and visitors who were on hand for the commandant’s parade a week ago were all surprised when the RMC Mascot made “his / her” first public appearance.  Victoria Edwards was able to make contact with a number of those involved and gives us a first hand account of the background and how it all came about.

History of the RMC Mascot

e-Veritas: Any significance to the costume?

Darren Cates: We are very excited that the RMC Mascot has made its debut! It was a long time in coming but the wait was well worth it as the mascot looks fantastic and has been well received. The history of the mascot is really a great example of OCdt leadership and initiative. The process started back in 2008 when the 4th year class led by then class senior Phil Gartner decided to purchase a mascot for the college as their class gift. Unfortunately the mascot could not be acquired before that class left the college and it fell on 1st semester 2009 IV class senior 24434 2Lt Brent McIntyre (RMC 2009) to make it a reality. 2Lt McIntyre researched mascots, got several companies to produce designs and then collected input from his class mates as well as college staff including myself, E0733 LCol Tony O’Keeffe and 12192 Gen Tom Lawson (RMC 1979) in the final selection. [Since 1997, athletes of the Royal Military College of Canada have been known as the Paladins. Paladins were knights of the Crusades who modeled themselves as honest, courageous, loyal and chivalrous knights who prided themselves on their skill in battle].

e-Veritas: Who created the mascot?Paladin Initial Sketch

Pamela Kenley: Sugar`s Mascots Inc. were originally contacted by 2Lt Brent McIntyre in Jan 2009 to discuss the design. OCdt McIntyre sent us the initial sketch. [The original sketch featured red gloves, silver tunic, red & silver helmet, black boots and didn`t include a shield]. We modified the skitch into the Paladin mascot character costume, and after a revision or two the final design was approved. Every mascot character is hand-crafted in our studio space in Toronto, to client specifications. The mascot`s helmet was hand carved in our sculpting dept, and then hand covered in simulated metallic silver fabric. He has a 52″ chest and 40″ waist. The mascot was built to accommodate 5’7″ – 6’1″ performer. We completed the Paladin in Mid-August and he was collected in September, 2009.

Darren Cates: The unveiling was held at a time when the whole Cadet Wing would be present. The Commandant’s Parade on November 8, 2009 was selected as the date. We are thankful for the class of 2008’s generosity and for the OCdts that took the initiative to get the mascot and that brought the mascot to life.

RMC Paladin Mascot at Unveilinge-Veritas: What are the expectations? A mascot can increase recognition, loyalty and exposure for RMCC.

Darren Cates: The mascot will participate in selected college and community events, so if there are any OPI’s out there and they are looking for the mascot to be present please feel free to contact me. [Darren Cates RMCC Director of Athletics (613) -541-6000 x6422]

e-Veritas: What is the RMC Mascot`s name?

Darren Cates: The RMC Mascot does not yet have a name. Many people are referring to it as “PAL” or “Paladin” but nothing is official. We are thinking of running a contest in the near future to determine its name.

e-Veritas: Who will wear the Mascot costume?

Darren Cates: Several OCdts have volunteered to be the mascot and have taken over responsibility for storage and safekeeping. OCdt Michael Akey and OCdt Charles Keita both volunteered to serve as the mascot and will be donning the suit at future college events. Besides rousing the fans at games or public events, a mascot can act as an ambassador at other functions, such as parades, festivals and community outreach programs.

e-Veritas: Describe the Mascot.

s25383 Ocdts Michael Akey: The mascot is a Knight or Paladin costume more specifically. There are white feathers on top of the silver helmet. The long shirt or tunic, vest or `doublet`, quilted jacket or “gambaison” and pants are scarlet in colour. The costume includes a big scarlet shield with the RMC coat of arms on it. The gloves and shoes are made of a simulated metallic silver fabric. The head and the rest of the costume are heavy and extremely hot. The shoes are the funniest part since they are so big. The shoes are really heavy and akward but make a great sound when you run or walk in them.

e-Vearits: How do you like the RMC Mascot?RMC Polar Bear

s25383 Ocdts Michael Akey: I love the mascot. It looks pretty cool. Most of the people that talked to us at the Commandant’s Parade said that they liked it as well. The only thing missing from the mascot is a name, which it needs. Every mascot has a typical move, and a name is meaningful to the College and its students.

e-Veritas: Did you know that RMC had a polar bear mascot with pillbox hat and scarlett tunic when 6496 BGen (Ret’d) Charles JCA Émond CD (CMR RMC ‘65) was commandant (1994-96)?

s25383 Ocdts Michael Akey: No, I did not know that RMC had a previous mascot. A polar bear would be pretty “cool” for a mascot but there is something about a Paladin that gives us that Royal and Military feeling that the mascot should have.



RMC women’s volleyball team happy to introduce 2009-10 recruit class

p91500031Head Coach Carolyn Welden is thrilled to introduce the four-member recruit class that will join the Paladins for the 2009-2010 season. The team plays their home opener this weekend against Ryerson University (Friday – 6pm) and the University of Toronto (Saturday – 1:30pm).

The group features two student-athletes from Ontario, one from Saskatchewan and one from British Columbia. They are:

Brianne Baum, 5’8″, Setter/Libero, Penetanguishene, ON

Brianne comes to RMC after attending Penetanguishene Secondary School, where she was named Grade 10 and Grade 12 Athlete of the Year. She played club volleyball for the Aurora Storm Typhoon, and she earned both an 18U Provincial Silver medal and an 18U fifth place finish at the Canadian National Championships.

Norah Collins, 5’9″, Outside Hitter, Cedar Valley, ON

Norah joins the Paladins after a strong career at Sacred Heart Catholic High School, and she also played club volleyball for the Aurora Storm Typhoon. She was a multi sport athlete in high school – soccer, volleyball and badminton – and was named Senior Athlete of the Year in 2009.

Kelsey Chang, 5’9″, Outside Hitter, Delta, BC

Kelsey comes in after attending McRoberts Secondary School, where she was named Athlete of the Year in Grades 11 and 12. She played club volleyball for the Air Attack, and was an 18U Provincial Volleyball Silver medalist.

Nicole Shingoose, 5’9″, Outside Hitter, Spiritwood, SK

Nicole joined the Paladins after attending the University of Saskatchewan. She is a graduate of John Paull II Collegiate, was named volleyball MVP in grades 11 and 12, as well as serving as volleyball team captain at the 2006 North American Indigenous Games.

“The incoming freshmen athletes make for a very bright future for the women’s program. We are excited to see how they perform this season. Each of them shares a passion for our sport and dedication to Canada and the Canadian Forces”.


Paladin Rugby Trio receive OUA rugby all-star status

Varsity Rugby TeamThree members of the RMC’s (M) rugby team Kyle Harbottle (Cochrane, Alta.), Riley Saliken (Abbotsford, B.C.) and Brandon Black (Newmarket, Ont.) have been named to the Ontario University Athletics Rugby League all-star team. It was the first appearance for all three at this elite level.

The 5′ 10″, 235 lb Harbottle plays prop and is the RMC team captain. He proved himself durable and anchored a pretty strong scrum. A gritty IV Year who is strong in mind as body. The type of “gutsy” performer who doesn’t like to give ground and demonstrated that he can inspire others.

Black had seven tries in eight OUA games good for 8th spot in league scoring. He is 5’10” / 190 lb and plays hooker. His impressive speed and the ability to make quick bursts cutting through the defensive line combined with – both great lateral movement and explosive steps allowed him to break many tackle all season long.  Varsity Rugby Team

Varsity Rugby TeamSaliken was another big scoring threat for the Red & White. He chipped in with five tries good for 25 pts. The 6′ / 185 lb plays scrumhalf was impressive in four aspects of the game: as a hard tackler, excellent passer, steady kicker and a speedy break-a-way runner.

Special mention goes to Wing, I Year, Colin Carswell. The 6’2” / 185 lb Toronto native put up impressive stats in his rookie year. He had one try, combined with three converts and three Penalty Kicks which tallies up to 20 points in eight games.


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