SSAV Report: What Cadets & the Media Are Saying

Special Staff Assistance Visit (SSAV)

The Professional Military Training (PMT) was a town hall meeting with the CDS to discuss the findings and outcomes of the SAVV team that was present at the school last semester.

The findings were overall low morale caused by parts of the ROTP program that could be changed, particularly the Leadership Level Progression Model (LLPM).

The outcomes of these findings were various changes to the structure. Some were to be implemented immediately,  the reinstatement of funding the Personal Support Program (PSP) staff, and better communication between the training wing and academic wing.

Others were to come into play at the beginning of the next academic year, such as a new system to replace the LLPM, a change to the walk out dress, and more health services available on campus. Overall the briefing was important in informing the cadets of the changes that will be directly affecting their time at the college and why these changes are being implemented in the first place.

28041 OCdt (I)  Boulter


visite d’aide d’état-major spéciale

Les recommandations du SSAV ainsi que les ordres immédiats du général Vance tombent à pic pour les élofs. J’ai l’impression que l’équipe a vraiment su saisir le climat qui règne au Collège, et a été à même de le traduire dans leur rapport. Plusieurs remarques très justes m’ont ravie, de l’état de délabrement de la bibliothèque Massey jusqu’à la remise en question des PMT, en passant par le remaniement des grades du personnel de l’escadre d’entraînement. L’annonce la plus stimulante, toutefois, demeure celle de l’abolition de la qualification AFAN. Auparavant, on appelait un officier ayant gradué du RMC sans avoir passé son PPT ou réussi son profil de langue seconde de la même façon qu’un officier ayant gradué de la même institution en réussissant les quatre piliers : Monsieur. Désormais, un élève-officier qui graduera du Collège militaire royal du Canada devra avoir en main un bac ainsi qu’une commission, qu’il est impossible d’obtenir sans avoir réussi son profil de langue seconde ainsi que passé le PPT. Imposer cette mesure, c’est récompenser tous les élofs qui fournissent des efforts pour performer dans les quatre piliers, c’est reconnaître que leur formation est à la fois exigeante et significative. Peut-être que certains trouveront cette mesure extrême; je suis plutôt d’avis qu’elle est juste.

27236 Élève-officier (II) M. Bouchard


I’m very impressed with the SSAV team’s thoroughness in the report. The recommendations are spot on with the main comments about how to improve the College. From a military and student aspect, these changes are enabling success and motivation. I believe the CDS is giving a commission from RMCC increased value and meaning. I’m looking forward to seeing the changes implemented and how it affects the college during my graduating year come Fall 2017.

27221 OCdt (III) Arman Afkham


This week’s Third Year PMT was a briefing by General Vance towards the entire Cadet Wing. He summarized the changes that will be implemented as a result of the SSAV and findings.

The cadets were pleased to see that the LLPM will no longer be in effect. Moreover, the use of more productive administrative/remedial measures used against college infractions was warmly welcomed.

Other changes that cadets were glad to hear about were the distribution of late night snacks, promise of further mentorship from qualified staff, and the improved accessibility to health services; just to name a few. Overall, the improvements recommended by the SSAV were well received by the Class of 2018.

27329 (III) OCdt Lai


Today was indeed a good day for RMCC.

Following an extensive review of RMCC directed by our Chief of Defence Staff, he returned to the college on the 29th of March to announce his policy based on the recommendations from the SSAV.

The SSAV team listened to the concerns of the college (cadets and staff) and is now taking immediate action to change the college for the better. With all the big changes, so close to graduation this leaves a large portion of the fourth-year class concerned on whether or not they will be permitted to graduate or not.

A lot of confusion currently remains around the college surrounding these changes, but one thing is clear, the college is changing in a big way.

26968 (IV) OCdt Lemieux


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