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Stephen Kalyta: A gentle reminder that the ‘Home Stretch’ has arrived

Home Stretch

Article by 17160 Stephen Kalyta

Stephen Kalyta

This could very well be the home stretch of a 4 year legacy. For those of you that have graduation within your sights, the sense of accomplishment is now palpable. You need only focus over the next month on exams and your PPT, if you are not already bilingual. Remaining focused on those tactical goals will help establish your legacy on a high note.

For the first years, focusing on the next 4 weeks could mean the difference of finishing on a low note and therefore short of the intended goal. In my Prep year at CMR, by the time we finished our final exams, I lost nearly 50% of my class. There is no possible way to know why we lost so many. What is certain is that a loss of focus in these last few weeks can have permanent consequences.

For some cadets, who have never experienced the white knuckle ride through exams, you may count yourself as the gifted minority. Regardless of your gifts, there is still a great satisfaction in doing your best. It is also a particularly important time to remember that you are there to encourage those that are struggling to succeed. Acts of kindness and civility, like respecting your roommates need to study, is just one example. Offering to press a uniform, polish boots and keep the room tidy for your cadet kin is something they will not forget.

So when you finish your exams, and perhaps in the mood to celebrate this milestone, remember that there are still others who may not yet have finished. Coming in late at night after exams when you know your roommate is facing a make or break exam in the morning is simply selfish. The ability to show empathy and the critical self awareness to observe how your actions may negatively impact others is a skill that will pay dividends in your career, long after RMC. I encourage you to be a positive catalyst to your success and equally to your classmates.

This article is offered for training purposes. It should not be seen as a substitute for obtaining professional counselling.

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