Stephen Kalyta: are you ready for exams?

Stephen Kalyta

Stephen Kalyta

Are you ready for exams? Many ex-cadets will tell you, in times of extraordinary stress, their sub-conscious mind reverts to the past and hijacks their sleep state with memories of exam routine. I for one am not immune, even 30+ years later.

However, with a little personal coaching akin to the visualization training embraced by athletes, you can create an ally. A group in the UK called “Inner Drive”, has filtered down a recipe for students to capitalize on their exam performance by replicating an elite athlete mindset. I have taken the liberty to contextualize their work into an RMC artifact.

“Positive imagery” might seem like motherhood, but your brain will respond favorably through visualizing a successful outcome. To reinforce this imagery, go back to your best performance and re-imagine it occurring in real time as you write your best exam. Acknowledge your prep work to get you to the moment of writing your exam, while ignoring the tendency to compare your performance with others. I was surrounded by genius’ too at CMR, but considering yourself alone, is key to finishing ahead of yourself. They are not you.

Park those setbacks from mid-terms and recognize that today, that payload does not serve you. Its behind you now. See exams as a process that you embrace as a challenge, rather than facing an enemy. Finally, avoid the “nuit blanc” like the plague. Sleep well knowing that well rested, you can outperform. Know with certainty that within you, you possess the “inner drive” to succeed. Non deficere!

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