Summer 2016: Not all holidays for Academic Wing Leadership

Summer 2016: Not all holidays for Academic Wing Leadership

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Over the summer, the leadership of the Academic Wing took the opportunity to engage in another session of Strategic Planning. This executive session was led by the Principal, Dr. Harry Kowal, and participants included: Dr. Phil Bates, Vice-Principal Academic, Dr. Pat Heffernan, Vice-Principal Research and Dean of Graduate Studies, Dr. Jim Denford, Interim Dean of Arts, Dr. Derrick Bouchard, Dean of Engineering, Dr. Alain Gosselin, of behalf of the Dean of Science, Dr. Pierre Roberge, Dean of Continuing Studies, Ms Sharon Miklas, Associate Vice-Principal Academic and Ms Jennifer Carpenter, Staff Officer to the Principal and organizer of the event.


The participants arrived the evening before and kicked off the session with a Team Building activity, which for this session was an “Iron Chef” competition. Jim Denford’s wife, Ginette, also joined in the cook-off. Some photographic evidence of this skills contest is provided for your viewing pleasure. The winning team was Alain Gosselin and Sharon Miklas who prepared and presented three of the most amazing appetizers possible from goat cheese, smoked salmon and scallops. In fact, everyone’s dishes deserved special mention from the Iron Chef, except of course Dr. Kowal and Dr. Bates, who are still wondering how it is possible that curry can taste so good in some dishes but a lot of curry does not taste good in all dishes…lessoned learned and they are ready for a re-match .


The day-long session started with a review of the Commandant’s priorities as well as the Academic Wing Strategic Framework. Discussion topics also included: the results of the 4th Year exit survey, the draft balanced scorecard and upcoming events such as the College Orientation session and the first Faculty Board meeting of the new academic year. Time was also dedicated to discussing mental health education and awareness. At the end of the day, the Academic Wing priorities for the upcoming academic year were established and we look forward to sharing them in another edition of e-veritas once they are presented to the faculty.